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Anynet/HDMI-CEC and ARC not working

Hi there,

I have this problem for over a month now.

I have a Samsung TV model UE49MU8005 connected to a Pioneer Receiver model VSX-LX302. Everyhting is well connected, as far as i know, TV firmware is 1210.8.

Tv is connected through a recent HDMI cable (UHD, ARC, etc etc) from the ARC output of the receiver to the ARC input of the TV (HDMI 4). Anynet is on.

When I disconnect the cable and connect it again, it starts identifying the source on the TV and it always says "unknown source" so i have to manually configure the tv remote. After it detects my Receiver, turns it on and off ok, and finishes the connection. Everything seems ok. But the problem starts here:

- The sound does not come out through HDMI from the TV if I select an app from the hub. Neither it does if it's connected to the antenna of the tv.

- I have sound from the cable box and from a PC both connected to the receiver.

- The receiver has CEC on but it the sound is not there. When I disconnect the CEC on the receiver and connect it again, it starts searching for CEC devices but the answer is "no CEC device"! Although the TV is connected of course..

- Anynet stops working too, it doesn't control my receiver when this is happening.

- This bug goes on and off. It works sometimes, other times it doesn't. It seems that theres is some problem in the TV that disconnects automatically HDMI CEC, and then it just doesn't come back.

- I changed cables, update firmwares, disconnected everything and waited, then connected again, called Samsung support and they just don't seem to know what I'm talking about... The problem always persist.

Frankly, I'm considering returning the TV. It's new and for the price it should NEVER cause such hassle.

This is about something that should work perfectly and is not doing so. And it seems that everyone at Samsung knows the problem exists, they just don't know how to solve it... (according to the countless discussions about this topic, at least at the US community..).

Please help!


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Thanks for all the info.  I went back to Best Buy the other night and was told I had to bring the TV back within 15 days, not 30 so I guess now I'm stuck with Samsung support (sounds like a dead end) or something like the Caavo box.  Funny, I read him you message about the Caavo box solution and he didn't mention they sell them.... I'd probably have just bought one while I was there.


I'm a little confused on the Caavo solution.  I see the picture on the site shows 4 HDMI inputs and an OUT to  "TV/AVR".  If I understand right, you send the OUT to your Onkyo and then it outputs to the TV?


In my case, with a soundbar their setup video seems to indicate I'd still have to leave the soundbar plugged into the TV's HDMI ARC which means I'm likely to have the same problem?


Hi Cobi2


Look on Amazon to purchase the Caavo.


I've not looked into the Soundbar method but did watch the video you provided a link for. Since all your components will be connected to the Caavo, it may work perfect. The only thing that may hurt this is if you use Apps on the TV and want the sound from the TV to go to the soundbar. I actually purchased a Roku and do not use the TV for anything other than display a picture. I think there will be an option when you install the system to use CEC/HDMI to control the TV or to use IR (using the IR Blaster) to control the TV. If you set it up with IR, have the TV CEC/HDMI turned off, do not need the ARC chanel to get any audio to the Caavo, it should work fine.


I'd give the Caavo support team a call and discuss the Samsung HDMI/CEC/ARC issue with them and make sure that in your case, the TV can just act as a monitor. As previously mentioned, one other need to ensure that the TV can work as just a monitor is to have all your Smart TV Apps on a system (like Roku) connected to the Caavo inputs.


Hope this helps.


The other option may be to try and exchange your Soundbar with a Samsung system. I have heard that there are no issues using Samsung TV with Samsung Soundbars.





Update to my earlier post:

I've given up on Samsung ARC support for now. 

Understand that if Dolby 5.1 audio is all you want/need back to your audio receiver, then Optical Digital audio cable is the best stable connectivity out of your TV back to either Pioneer/Yamaha/Onkyo. I have all 3 and they all work flawlessly. 


However, if you, (like me) want Dolby Atmos support for up to 5.4.1 audio signals back to or thru your receiver, then there is only one short-term solution... Go find a super high-end HDMI 2.2 Compliant silver coated cable.. I spent $349 for the Audio Quest "Chocolate" 5m HDMI cable on Tuesday, and it fixed my 4K Sync issues. 


My updated Config is now:

Roku Ultra 4K streaming box connected via Monster Black  Platinum Ultra HDMI 1m cable into

Onkyo TX-NR787 HDMI Input 3

Onkyo Main HDMI Output connects to 

Samsung 75q65fn Input 4 via Audioquest Chocolate 5m HDMI Cable. 


The Audioquest chocolate features 2.5% silver coating around a solid copper conductor with double shielding. Apparently, this made all the difference.  I'm happy enough for now knowing that I can finally get a stable 4K 60 frame connection thru my Onkyo to my Samsung, while hearing the full Dolby Atmos soundtracks with my 5.3.1 speaker setup.


Once connected, the Roku auto-magically recognized the Samsung TV thru the Onkyo as 4k 60 capable. It's important to note that it did NOT pass the HDR test. So, if HDR full spectrum extended color support is really important, then this is still a "Failure to communicate." 


I'm happy enough for now knowing that I can finally get a stable 4K 60 frame connection thru my Onkyo to my Samsung, while hearing the full Dolby Atmos soundtracks with my 5.3.1 speaker setup.  I no longer have to worry about hoping and praying that the ARC Connection works each time I turn on the system to Roku.


I didn't mention this, but I also already have a Logitech Ultra One all in one remote with WiFi Hub that sends IR and Network based commands to all devices, as needed. So, the Caavo remote control center wasn't really an option for me, as it would still have required an ARC Connection back thru the Samsung TV to the receiver. And that would put me back to square one... 


I hope this update and testing helps the rest of you, even if it simply validates your fears that you WILL want to go drop a couple $Hundred on a super high-end, low latency 18Gb or better premium HDMI cable to connect your receiver to your Samsung. They are very finicky (as we know) and speed/throughput and latency determines the difference in passing the 4K connection test with stability.


Good luck fellas. 

Same problem here the ARC randomly works and requires frequent reboots.  I thought it was my Onkyo, but nope it is a Samsung issue...  shame I just purchased another Samsung before figuring that out.   Never again, their s9 phones wont even make a call from my home but the Iphone I have works great here....  no more Samsung for me.

Actually if you're only using the HDMI-4 Connector for ARC out connectivity to a Soundbar or AV Receiver, that seems stable. I have another yt" Samsung TV connected to an LG Dolby Digital sound bar and it works flawlessly. 


I also installed my neighbor's Samsung QN75Q6FN 75" to his LG Dolby Atmos Soundbar via the ARC connection using a 1m Monster Black Platinum cable. It has been stable for about 3 weeks now.


So, the Samsung TV seems to have an issue when using a less than 27Gb ultra premium HDMI cable of minimal length, or when ARC audio function is the only use of that specific HDMI connection (again, this is not optimal when using a AV receiver as your HDMI switcher, yet still want to be free to use the TV Tuner or built-in apps for greater than Dolby 5.1 audio connection.


The optical Digital (TOSLINK) connector is preferred from the TV to a Soundbar or AV Receiver, if you only need up to Dolby 5.1 audio functionality.  

How is your ARC working?  Still Stable?  I have to reset the power on my QLED 65FN about every three days to reset the ARC.  I am only using HDMI 4 with an external Pioneer Amp.  What is so agravating is the fact that Samsung is well aware of this issue yet does not acknowledge the problem, dispite the fact that it is a very common problem.  My TV is only Two months old and I am still holding out hope that Samsung will fix this issue through software or firmware updates. If not, I can see a Class action law suite possibility since they continue to sell the product with a well known flaw and are not addressing the problem.

I made the mistake of buying 2 Samsung TVs a 8000 series and a qled, both have ARC issue and requiring frequent power down resets.   And yes I am using the proper hdmi cable.   Never had these issues with my older non samsung tv.

Still working fine going on 1 and half months now. I only use the arc hdmi 4 port at the tv and only have an Xbox one plugged into the Av receiver. 


I totally agre with you. This silence from Samsung starts to sound really badly...

I don't even know if they read the posts at all, but if I was at Samsung and read all these posts - and what they represent in money spent and non-happy costumers - I would certainly be worried.

Although I managed to have my problem kind-of fixed, with a workaround, I'm not happy with it.

And let's remember that a TV is a basic good, intended to work for everyone all over the world, whether they are connoiseurs and patient enough to do what we're doing, or nothing of the sort, from 10 to  80 years old..

Let's go for the class action. Maybe then they'll look at it!



I believe you find that you only need to remove the AC power to both your TV and Onkyo for about 30 seconds to do the job. No need to disconnect your HDMI cables.  After you plug your units back in, you will need to power up both your receiver and TV seperatly.  I start with the TV and then the Receiver.  The TV then detects the Receiver and HDMI audio is restored. I can then use the Apps and the ARC once again works ... At least for a few days until the whole thing needs to be repeated.  Get yourself a power strip that you can easily switch on/off when this happens or a WiFi plug that you can plug your power strip into to remotely swich the power off/on.  Still waiting for a fix from Samsung.

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