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No DTS support on the 2018 Q9fn?


After recently upgrading my ue46c8000 to a qe55q9fn 2018 model. Ive discovered that DTS is not supported? Is this going to be resolved with a firmware update as most films films now come with DTS audio? 

Samsung blu ray players also support DTS? Is this an oversight or a backward step? 


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Guys, I found a solution, there is Samsung 3D BluRay DVD Player Smart Hub WiFi, it has USB port, this device is accept all DIvx movies,

this is the link,

But that is not the point and another expense for something that worked in older models for no extra. 

And also if they can support DTS on a relatively cheap bluray  player,  then why not on an expensive top of the range premium TV?  Looks to me like another cheap advertising gimmick to get you to buy another Samsung product. Al other 4k bluray players also support DTS,  because need to as a lot if bluray films have DTS soundtracks,  so not just Samsung!!! 

so the answer to why samsung,xperi are total d**ks is here:


it starts here:


and ends here:


to keep the long stroy short: the company that owns DTS accused Samsung of patent infringement. Samsung said: fu xperi removed DTS from the crappy Tizen OS and they went to court. Ten months later they all all dinking beers in the pub and make millions after reaching an agreement. Still, no f were given for the consumers stuck with Samsung TVs without DTS support.


come on guys, this is totally ridiculous. I've made complaints in every possible way. Absolutely dissatisfied with Samsung.

More than this. Try playing an Anamorphic content (such as widescreen DVD or older HDV) where resolution doesn't match up with aspect ratio e.g. 1440x1080i for 16:9 or 720x576 for again 16:9, you'll get a wrong picture aspect ratio even though a file has a special flag for it. Doesn't matter what settings are. My 2012 Samsung smart has no problem in reading these but brand new 2018 q7fn has. What the hell is going on?

Extremely disappointed! I just spent a small fortune on a new Q9 65" QLED TV only to find (as many of you already did) that DTS audio and DIVX video support have been removed from new models! I was satisfied with the media support in the Q7 series which is why I made another purchase for a Q9. I was told the Q9 had feature parity with the older Q7 models plus a bit better contrast. This is NOT THE CASE!


Compare these:


Samsung, you have royally screwed your customers! A simple firmware patch to add DTS would probably satisfy many angry customers.


Oh, by the way, if you're wondering how "chatty" Samsung Smart TVs are over the network, have a look at this:

I returned my q9fn because of no dts support and Motion issues


Hopefully this years models will be better..


They cant be charging £2500 at release / 1800 now for  a 55" 'flagship' tv that doesnt support something as simple as DTS audio which a lot of movies are now Mastered with.



Unfortunately not, the 2019 specs also state the following:



The DTS Audio codec is not supported on 2019 TVs. For smooth playback, if a DTS Audio track is part of your manifest, make sure other audio tracks can be selected.



What a bunch of f@#&%ers at Samsung! 

The don't even support standard coded stuff. Even my streaming from Netflix or other services will be hampered by this. 

This week I contacted Samsung_NL and they told be (after contacting tech dept) that they will not support DTS in the future. They will pass the message to Samsung Global. 

I politely told them to #&* and that we - the community- will keep on complaining and warning possible buyers for this. I myself have bought me a new AV receiver and made myself swear never to buy any device branded Samsung. Also my wife and kids are forbidden to do so 😉 

To add insult to injury, I was just prompted to take a Survey from Samsung.


After filling in the details and my concerns, the final submission message was:


The survey could not be submitted


Not awesome.

So you wont even get 5.1 from all the netflix originals etc...



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