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Community Terms of Service

(Topic created on: 01-09-2016 04:11 PM)

Welcome to the Samsung Community!


PLEASE READ THESE Special terms OF SERVICE FOR SAMSUNG Community (“SAMSUNG Community ToS”) CAREFULLY BEFORE USING SAMSUNG Community. The Samsung Community is an online forum for users of Samsung products and services  (“You”, “Your” or “Users”) operated by or on behalf of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS (UK) LIMITED, a company registered in England and Wales under number 03086621 whose registered office is at Samsung House, 2000 Hillswood Drive, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 0PS (“Samsung”, “we” or “us”).


The Samsung Community ToS supplements the Samsung Service Terms and Conditions that you have already agreed to (or concurrently agree to along with this Samsung Community ToS) (collectively the “Terms”). It is important that you take the time to read these Terms. These Terms and any of the documents referred to in the Terms form the legally binding agreement between us relating to the Services and your use of the Samsung Community.


If you don’t want to be bound by these Terms, you should not use the Samsung Community. We may update these Terms from time to time, so please check back regularly.


  1. General
  • We reserve the right to manage the posts on the Samsung Community to provide an orderly presentation of this information. To effectively manage the Samsung Community, we may designate employees or others to act as moderators, community managers and administrators for the Samsung Community. These moderators, community managers and administrators are the only representatives of Samsung that are authorised to manage the Samsung Community. Any employees who are not designated as moderators, community managers, administrators or employees are not authorised to represent themselves on the site as Samsung employees. Authorised employees are distinguished by the use of "Employee" and/or Samsung logo. We are not responsible for content provided by employees who are not designated as moderator, community manager, administrator or ‘Employee’ for these purposes.
  • Posts on the Samsung Community are written by users and we are not responsible for and do not endorse such material. We reserve the right to monitor the contributions made and may respond to or comment upon communications made by you and edit or remove any content, including private messages from the Samsung Community in our absolute discretion. No failure to remove particular material shall constitute its endorsement or acceptance by us.
  • We will not be held responsible for the content, accuracy, timing or reliability of any information provided within the Samsung Community, or for statements, advice and/or opinions made or given by other Samsung Community users in the Samsung Community (except as required by law). If you have any claim arising from the actions or statements of another user, you agree to pursue such a claim only against that user and not us.
  • When using the Samsung Community, you should always take the following precautions:
  • Keep your identity private, do not give out your full name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, the name of your school, workplace or any other information (other than that specifically requested by the Samsung Community Team) that could help someone discover your actual identity;
  • take precautions when meeting other Samsung Community users in the real world; and
  • do not reply to any messages that are hostile, rude or inappropriate, or in any way make you feel uncomfortable.
  • For questions or problems regarding your use of the Samsung Community, please contact the Community Team.


  1. Acceptable Use
  • You must not post on the Samsung Community any defamatory, threatening, offensive or otherwise illegal material or material which could violate or infringe in any way upon our rights or those of others (including intellectual property rights, rights of confidentiality, or rights of privacy) or cause distress.
  • You must not upload any content that includes any of the following inappropriate content:
  1. Any personal information belonging either to you or another person, such as full name, address, phone number, email address;
  2. Flooding the Samsung Community with excessive posts, meaningless posts, or posts unrelated to the topic or permit any ‘bot’ or automated posting to the Samsung Community;
  3. Discussions of moderator actions on the boards. If you need to comment on a moderator action, please private message any administrator/moderator;
  4. Posting or transmitting any information or software containing a virus, worm, Trojan horse, or other damaging or destructive component;
  5. Postings that break the law, or encourage/support breaking the law. This includes libel, contempt of court and breach of copyright;
  6. Discussions regarding active court cases or criminal proceedings or which breach a court order;
  7. Advice that would or is likely to result in a breach of any Samsung product or equipment warranties or abuse of Samsung’s service or circumvention of any of Samsung’s safeguards or controls; and
  8. Advice that, if followed, could result in bodily injury, harm or an offence.


  • You must not post or otherwise make available on the Samsung Community any material which you do not own without the express permission of the owner of the material.
  • You will not copy, download, reproduce, republish, frame, broadcast, transmit in any manner whatsoever, any material on the Samsung Community except as is strictly necessary for your own personal non-commercial home use.
  • You will not access the Samsung Community by automated means or otherwise for the purposes of scraping, extracting, or otherwise obtaining any material from the Samsung Community for use within a third party Website or application.
  • You will abide by the specific rules of any competition, prize draw or promotion (the “Promotion”) that you participate in on or via the Samsung Community. Unless we tell you otherwise, Promotion, prize draws and competitions offered via the Samsung Community are not open to people resident outside the country specified in the Promotion.


  1. Breach of the Terms & Termination
  • If you fail to abide by these Terms we may remove your submission. We may also send an email that informs you that your Submission has been deleted or edited.
  • We reserve the right immediately to terminate your use of the Samsung Community if you breach, or we have reasonable grounds to believe that you are likely to breach, these Terms or you otherwise engage in conduct which we determine in our sole discretion to be unacceptable.