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How to use the Community on the Samsung Members app

(Topic created on: 11-02-2021 11:34 AM)
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Figured we should have a guide on this, so I’m going to take you for a dive into the waters of the Community: Members app style.


Standard way to get to the Community via the app: Members app > Explore > Community tab (on the left)


You can also access it via the featured content on the Members app homepage; or by pressing ‘+ which brings up the option to write a Community post.


01 Members Homescreen.jpg



How to search the Community on the Members app


Always a great idea to have a look around before posting, as other people may have already asked the question, be already talking about it, or shared an answer or some useful tips.


Members app > magnifying glass icon on the top right:


How to search_01.jpg


Top field bar is where you type the word you want to search for (e.g. “buds” in my screenshot below); and click into the labels available to select a search within that area, e.g. ‘Community’:


How to search_02.jpg


On the ‘Forum’ bar, click on the right-hand side dropdown menu for options:


How to search_03.jpg


  • Title and content = topic/thread title results;
  • Comments = general post results;
  • Poster = topic/thread original poster results;
  • Commenter = general poster results;


How to change how Community looks for you on the Members app


The default view is ‘Recents/all’ – which gives you a reverse chronological order newsfeed type view of all posts. But there are options that change how Community can appear to you, and allow you to get additional benefit out of it.


1. How to change the post sorting order


On the Community Mainpage click into Recents/all


Members Community Mainpage 01.jpg


And you get various sorting options:


Members Community View 02.jpg


  • Recents = reverse chronological order of posts (latest first);
  • Views = opening posts that have received the most ‘views’;
  • Comments = opening posts that have received the most replies/comments;
  • Likes = opening posts that have received the most ‘likes’.


2. How to see and switch between the Community forums/boards on the Members app


On the Community Mainpage click into the ‘+ icon on the right-hand side:


Members Community Mainpage 02.jpg


And you’ll get the ‘Add forums’ screen. Click on the stars to select, and then press ‘OK’:


03 Add Forums.jpg


And go back to the Community Mainpage.


The selected ones appear on a scroll/menu bar near the top on the Members app Community Mainpage. Click on the one you want to view (may require finger scrolling across if it doesn’t appear), and you get the forum view of that area:


Members Community View 07.jpg



How to create a new Community topic/thread on the Members app


Click on the ‘pencil & pad’ icon (or Members app Home page > + > Write Community post)


Creating a new topic 01.jpg


Click on ‘Select forums’ to get:


Creating a new topic 02.jpg


And choose the area you want to post in. Options with a downwards arrow on that menu have submenus if you click on them.


Posting in the right areas really helps others find it, and so is best for getting better and relevant responses to your topic.


If you’d like to know more about which forums deal with what products and topics so you can post in the right area, then check out this thread:


How to change your Community avatar/profile pic & username; and how to find your posts on the Members app


Members app > My page


My Profile Page 01.jpg


Click into ‘Edit’ to the right of your username and profile picture to change both your Community username and picture (only from the standard Community avatars, or from a picture in the device’s Gallery app or by using the camera).


My Profile Page 03.jpg


(Ooo, I’m a devilishly handsome fella. 😎)


Or click into:


  • Posts’ to see topics/threads you’ve posted;
  • Comments’ to see general posts you’ve made;
  • Followers’ to see who’s following you;
  • Following’ to see who you’re following.


(Clicking on someone’s profile will take you to their profile page, and there’ll be a ‘Follow’ option below their username and rank.)



How to view and access Community notifications on the Members app


Members app > Explore/Get help/My page > ‘Bell’ icon


Notifications 01.jpg


And then ‘Activity’ to view Community notifications:


Notifications 02.jpg


(You may see posts from Moderators in that feed - usually saying ‘NAR’ - that when you click into them say that it’s been deleted or you can't access it. Nothing to be worried about for you guys – it’s just a bug in the Members app that for some reason is giving standard users visibility of admin stuff you wouldn’t normally see and can’t access. We’ve reported the bug.)


In Notices, there should now be a ‘Samsung Members Community User Guide’ that gives some info on the Community aims; user ranking; badges; and user rights and rules. (I.e. the bits that few people read but everyone really should.)


05 User Guide.jpg



How to report inappropriate Community behaviour and content on the Members app


Speaking of the rules - if you see something that you feel is against the rules or is inappropriate, then you can report it to the moderating team by:


Clicking on the three dots on the top right of the relevant post > Report > [select the appropriate option] > Send


(The ‘Other’ option prompts you to ‘enter reason’, and allows you to be more descriptive.)



How to direct/private message on the Community on the Members app


Good news! We have now added the direct/private messaging feature to the latest version of the Members app! 


Sending & Viewing a Direct message: Quick Guide

1. On the Members app go to the profile page of the user you want to send the message to.

2. Click on Direct message.


Or send via your Direct messages Inbox

1. On the Members app go to the My Page tab.

2. Click on Direct Message.

3. Click on the floating button at the bottom right of your Inbox screen.


Viewing your Direct messages Inbox.

1. On the Members app go to the My Page tab.

2. Click on Direct message.


Ignoring/Blocking Direct messages.

If you no longer want to receive messages from a specific user:

1. On the Members app go to the My Page tab.

2. Click on Direct message.

3. Click on a message from that user.

4. Select More in the upper right corner.

5. Select Ignore member.


Sending & viewing a Direct message: Guide with Screenshots

On the Members app go to the profile page of the user you want to send the message to, and click on Direct message.



Viewing your Direct messages Inbox.

On the Members app go to the My Page tab, and click on Direct message.


Direct Message Flow_a.png


It will take you to your Inbox. Click on a message to read it.


Direct Message Flow_b.jpg


You can also send messages when you're in the Inbox via the floating button on the bottom right.


Ignoring/Blocking Direct Messages.

If you no longer want to receive messages from a specific user, go to the details screen of the messages you have received from that user >  More button ( ) >  Ignore member ’in the upper right corner to block messages from them.







Phew! 😅 *mops brow*


Hope that helps! Let us know if you want to know more, or if you have some ‘Community on Members app’ tips of your own that we can add!

Superuser I
Superuser I
News, Rules & FAQs

@AntS  When replying to posts via Members App and typing @ the names do  seem to appear as do via the website.  I have mostly posted via the website but notice it is still the same on the S21 Ultra  (as it was on S10). However  otherwise the Members App works fine.