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Can't switch digital output audio format on Netflix app


I have a qe55q60r connected to a reciever. The sound works great, however when I turn on the Netflix app i get bad noise as described in Netflix-sound-not-working-on-UE50NU7400-with-digital-output.

According to that issue, the solution is to switch the digital outpu audio format to PCM, and it indeed worked for me for a while.

Since few days ago, I guess there was an automatic firmware update, however, not sure, when the Netflix app is on, the digital outpu audio format in the settings menu is grayed out with the option Dolby Digital+ and I can't change it, so I can't get rid of the noise. On the TV speakers this option is set to PCM and sound works well.

Can anyone please help me solve this? Or at list help me get the previous firmware version so I can see if it is a firmware issue? 




Well tech just left my house and Samsung's solution is not to use HDMI/ARC, but hey it's not their problem, it's a problem with Nextflix and my receiver,...... SMH

Doesn't matter that prior to firmware update everything worked the way it was supposed too......


Look at the bright side! Now your TV is a Dolby Atmos compatible! *Sarcasm*


Same issue here. 55ru8000 ON a Denon 1713 receiver. No acknowledgement of the issue from tech support. Perhaps better luck on Twitter. 

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Same problem with new UN58NU6080FXZA. Works fine with all other apps. Using quick settings appears to be set to PCM. But going to Expert Settings is actually set to Dolby Digital+ and other settings are disabled. Just started this a couple of days ago. Very frustrating.

New update 1352, changes nothing. Samsung refuse to acknowledge the fault.

I have the same issue with a Q60.


Everything worked fine before the update and then, no more Netflix (everything else works fine).


Samsung support refuses to do anything besides some placebo fixes that they know won't solve the problem, just to follow some useless script.


Same problem. Samsung wasted an hour of my time on the phone when they should have just read this thread. 

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Hi all, my samsung tv just started the same issue on Netflix no sound, just upgraded to software 1352 this week, and can't change sound from dolby digital+ greyed out. Come on samsung sort it out.


Same here - upgrade to 1352 came yesterday, but no change with regards to sound from the Netflix app.


As a workaround for the past few weeks (since the Netflix problem emerged) I used to switch between HDMI ARC and optical cable (only for Netflix app), but the frequent switching on my Samsung TV between 'Receiver (HDMI)' and 'Optical' seemed to somehow mess up the audio connection to my Denon, so this morning I struggled for a couple of hours getting any sound out of my Samsung to my Denon AVR. Frustratedly, I removed the optical cable, reset everything, checked all settings (eg enabling HDMI control on my Denon, switching off ATMOS compability on my Samsung, etc) and still no sound ... until the sound suddenly (!) came back via HDMI ARC. I really don't know what went on, but I better not change my connection again and just wait until Samsung and/or Netflix fixes their software issues.



Bought QE65Q70RAT on Saturday to replace old LG (which as such was working like a charm) just to notice that I need to switch to use two remotes instead of one. SW level on 1352 and no upgrade available. Detects my amp (Marantz NR1603) as 'atmos compatible' which for sure it isn't and only choice for sound is DD+ in Netflix (and what is annoying, the selection of dolby digital is not even remembered when going away from netflix app). Called Samsung support, they made HDMI reset and insisted on making 'factory reset' which I don't want to do just because I don't believe it will make any difference but I need to setup things from scratch. Luckily I have 30 days to return the device, lets see if during that time there will be proper response.

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