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USB Audio stutter

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)

Hello, I have a QE55QN90BATXXU (QN90B) TV connected to a Fiio K5 DAC vía USB.

The possibility of doing so was only a recent discovery, given this support is not advertised and only mentioned in a single line of the e-manual. However there is a very inconsistent but very noticeable stutter. As if the data is stuck for a fraction of a second before continuing normally, AV sync remains fine.

This issue is not present when connected via optical. Unfortunately this means you lose out on volume control via the remote and the overall output level is noticeably quieter and less "full" sounding. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? Or is the USB support just poorly handled?

Issue present regardless of source, PCM or bitstream. Output is always PCM because of my setup. Seems to happen only on HDMI.

Unrelated but the TV also says it's playing Dolby True HD audio if fed a bitstream source containing it. This shouldn't be possible? The TV does not support this format, it will always fallback to the Dolby Digital+ stream within the data and this should be reflected in the interface. As things are the TV is just lying about playing an uncompressed stream. I don't think it's malicious, just an oversight as the same datastream can be sent to an AV receiver and decoded as True HD.