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Purple Spots on 3 yr. Old Samsung 4K Curved Screen TV SOLVED by Samsung!

(Topic created on: 16-02-2020 05:56 PM)
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You will not believe how this saga turns out! It's long but worth it. 


11/21/19 - I called Samsung customer service to complain about several strange purple spots that had appeared on the screen of our 55” curved screen TV. The TV had just turned 3 years old and was 2 years out of warranty so, I expected to be told that there was nothing that they could do. But, after explaining that I thought a TV that expensive should last longer than 3 years and what a loyal Samsung customer I was, the representative put me on hold for what seemed like an eternity, when she finally returned she told me that they were willing to pay for the needed part if I would pay the labor charge of $125 to install it. I wasn't happy but I agreed and was told the service company would call to make an appointment.


11/27/19 – Technician from Service Company came to assess the TV and determined that the display panel needed to be replaced and that they would call us when the part came in. They called to schedule the service call for December 3rd.


12/03/19 – Service Company Called and canceled saying the part had not come in. They rescheduled for December 11th


12/11/19 - Service Company canceled again the day of and then reschedule due to an issue with the part supplier. I called Samsung back to find out what the issue was. Once it was resolved they apologized for the mix up and delay and were now offing the pay for the labor too. I was elated. It was going to be like the best Thanksgiving present ever!


12/17/19 – Samsung called to tell us that the service people would come with the new panel on the 19th.


12/19/19 - Technician from the Service Company came on with the 'new' replacement panel that had a 'reconditioned' sticker on the box. He removed the old panel and replaced it with the reconditioned one. The panel was defective so he switched them back. Tech told me they would be in touch when a replacement could be sent out.


12/26/19 – Customer Service from Samsung called on to tell me that I would receive an email and call when they figured out how to proceed.


01/02/20 - I received a text message from Samsung to request the original Bill of Sale and would proceed with a refund. A refund?!? I only wanted a repair but was blown away at the unbelievable generosity that Samsung would give me my money back! I had never heard of such a thing before. This was like the most amazing Thanksgiving/Christmas present all rolled into one! We immediately started picking out new TV's on the Samsung site and telling all our friends of our incredible experience while singing the praises of Samsung!


01/03/20 - I got a text from Samsung saying that they regret to inform you that, after reviewing your case, it has been determined that at this time you do not qualify for ANY accommodation and that they were canceling my ticket. I called Samsung and spoke with Albert who confirmed that the repair order had been canceled and that we were entitled to nothing because our TV was out of warranty. I told him that I never asked for a refund and that all I was hoping for was a new display panel since the first one came defective. He said he was sorry, but that they would only try once to fix it and would not be ordering another replacement part and to have a nice day. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that I could hold for a supervisor but that the determination had already been made and the case was closed. I was emotionally crushed!


After having the prospect of a getting a repaired TV or even a refund now gone, I was right back where I started, with a big curved screen TV with 3 big purple spots on the screen. As a last act of desperation, I stayed on the line waiting until after Albert ended the call to take the customer satisfaction survey. I left the lowest ratings possible and it asked me to record my response at the end where I told about the nightmare of what I had been through up until now and hung up.


Later the afternoon of the 3rd, I received a phone call from Samsung telling me that they had reassessed my case and decided to go ahead with the repair, that they would send an email confirming when he had just told me and the service center would call me soon to make an appointment.

The email stated, “Good Afternoon, Ticket# *****

A new repair service has been created under this ticket number. My name is below. If you have any question please call us back with the ticket number above. Ovinson L. Thank You, “ Wait a minute, what? Out of the blue there is a new repair order? Maybe they listened to the recording. The saga continues...


01/06/20 - I called the Service Company to see if the repair order was there. She confirmed that she had not a repair order but, an order for ENR (exchange or refund) and that I should call Samsung back to figure out why they had sent it there. I called Samsung and spoke with Rafael of the case management team who found the problem, got a supervisor to sign off on the form that wasn't properly filled out. They sent a new repair request to the Service Company to replace the panel and that they would call to schedule a repair visit as soon as they had the new panel. Rafael confirmed that they were really going to fix my TV this time, not with a reconditioned panel but a new panel, the way it should have been from the beginning.


The Service Company called me back right after I got off the phone with Rafael and she told me that while I was on hold with Samsung they had called her to ask about my situation. Service Company supervisor apparently got involved and lit into them for treating a customer like this and got them to confirm a NEW panel was to be ordered and installed at no charge. WOW! Tiffany said they have already ordered the new panel. She said she would call to set up a day and time once they got it in. It looks like it's really gonna happen this time...but then again that's what I thought all the other times.


I no sooner got off the phone with Samsung and the service people then I received an email from Samsung that read, (Mon, 4:51 pm )“Samsung has given a one-time accommodation to cover the Labor and Parts on service transaction ***** Thank You.”

This confirmed what they told me over the phone. They agreed to pay for everything!

Then about an hour later I got this subsequent email from Samsung that read, (Mon, 5:49 pm ) “ Your repair for service ticket number [*****] has been canceled.

If you still need service please contact us at 1-800-SAMSUNG(800-726-7864)

Thank you for your cooperation.

WHAT!!??!! I think my head is going to explode, at this point! How can this be?

But Wait!!! 5 minutes later this email came and reads, (Mon, 5:54 pm) Samsung has given a one-time accommodation to cover the Labor and Parts on service transaction *****.Thank You. Samsung Electronics America

Another new ticket number?!? Oh Good God!!! They've got to be messing with me now!?!

I have no idea when this is going to end... This is beyond surreal.

01/07/20 – Oliver from Samsung called to see if I had heard from the service company with an appointment date yet. I asked if they had received the part yet. He said he didn't know and that he would call the service folks and see if he could expedite (his word) this repair ticket for me.

01/09/20 – Kelvin from Samsung called to see if I had an appointment yet for the repair company to come out. I told him that we were still waiting to hear them. He said he would follow up.

01/10/20 – Steve from Samsung called to let me know that our screen had arrived at the service center and for us to call and schedule a service date.

I called the Service Company who confirmed that the new screen had arrived! The Tech. will call in the morning of 01/14/20 to confirm a time. I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

01/14/20 – The Service Company called to inform me that the technician has broken down and had to be towed in so, he won't be here today as scheduled. We have a new appointment for Friday the 17th

01/17/20 – The Service Company Tech. came today to replace the TV Panel with a brand new one. After installing the new screen and powering it up, the new screen is damaged so he removed it and replaced the old screen. (Not sure why but the purple splotches are much worse now!) The saga continues...

01/23/20 – I called the Service Company to see what their thoughts were regarding the last service call with the damaged panel. They expressed much frustration with the whole process and that the panel looked like it had been hit with a hammer. She told me that on her screen now my account said, “Unit Exchange By Samsung”. She explained that means that they were going to exchange our defective TV with a new one and that I should call Samsung support to get that set up.

I immediately called Samsung and spoke with associate Jannolys who confirmed that there was a unit exchange order on my account and gave me the exchange code. She told me that Samsung will make a determination on the exchange in the next few days and that they would contact me to let me know of their decision. Fingers crossed...again but, NOT optimistic!

01/24/20 - I received a text message on my phone from Samsung, once again, asking for a picture of my original bill of sale so they can proceed with the accommodation and to thank me for being a loyal customer. DejaVu. I sent the picture and big thank you! Now we wait...

01/27/20 – Samsung sent a text message that read, “Based on the age of your TV we can offer you a prorated refund of $304.56...” What?!?

I texted back, in one more last ditch effort to salvage this by asking, “Could you please just reorder the replacement panel one more time or exchange this one? Both panels Samsung sent to the service company were defective and damaged. I never asked for a refund I just want a TV without horrible purple spots on the screen and I don't think $300 is enough to get this one repaired. After 2 solid months of failed service calls I thought we were going to finally have a TV we could enjoy. We were so close! Please won't you reconsider... Again we wait...

Then at 8pm on the 27th I got a text from Samsung offing me an In-Store Credit Exchange and 3 days to accept this offer. Not sure what this is. I'll call tomorrow.

01/28/20 – I called Samsung to ask about the in store exchange offer and the terms. I spoke to Jerome who was explaining how the exchange would work and the terms to me when I received a text message from Samsung that read, “We regret to inform you that after reviewing your case it has been determined that you do not qualify for any type of accommodation”..., and that they were canceling my ticket and to have a great rest of your day. This happens while I am on the phone with Samsung support ?!? I asked Jerome about the text and if he sent it and he said no, he was unaware of it and placed me on hold. He returned and confirmed that, after he refreshed his screen it showed that my accommodation had just been canceled! This is surreal. It feels like punishment, like they are doing this to me on purpose!

I gave Jerome the abridged version of the TV repair story and told him that all we ever wanted was a repair. He saw on the service record that both panels they sent were bad and that we never had a proper shot at repair. He agreed and got us rescheduled for repair with parts and labor included. He gave us a new repair ticket # . He said the Service Company would be calling to make an appointment soon. Good we go again.

01/31/20 – I waited a few days and called the Service Company who advised that the new panel had arrived and they scheduled the repair for 02/05/20.


02/05/20 – The technician from the Service Company arrived and successfully replaced the TV panel and the picture is perfect! The new panel had arrived undamaged. It's like having a brand new TV! Thankfully, this ridiculous nightmare is finally over.


I guess the moral of the story is persistance pays off or good things come to those who wait? On second thought, there is no real moral, just one huge PITA company with broken internal systems that can sometimes be worked to your advantage...GOOD LUCK!

First Poster

Hi I’m glad that you had your tv fixed over here in the UK all I got was it’s out of warranty so I would never buy anything Samsung and would advise everyone else not to buy anything with the Samsung name on it