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Improving Performance of my Samsung HW-S50B Soundbar

(Topic created on: 19-06-2024 11:50 AM)

I have a Sky+ HD Box (no, I haven’t gone to Sky Q or Glass yet) and a Samsung UE43CU8500 (2023) 43 inch Smart TV. I use the Sky+ HD remote control for all aspects of viewing except when streaming. I do not use Wi-Fi etc. My internet to the TV is via a hard wire and for using the TV’s smart features I use the Samsung minimalistic solarcell Smart remote control.  (The more complex remote control which also came with the TV, and has over 40 buttons, gathers dust in a drawer …. and that is where it will stay !) I do not possess a smart phone; I am definitely not very techie ! When turning Sky and TV off, I use the Sky remote: press TV, press Standby, press Sky, press Standby. When turning Sky and the TV on, I press Standby. (I expect there are less complicated ways, but this is how I have turned then on and off for years.)

Because of the poor sound output from the TV, I  purchased a Samsung HW-S50B Soundbar. The sound output from the TV is now better, but I am still experimenting with various settings as it still sounds “muffled”. I do know that I have the latest Software update installed on the TV and the Soundbar.

To give some background, the settings I have used for those settings which I think may have a bearing on the above situation, are as follows:-   Picture Mode=Standard, Sound Output=TV + Soundbar S5B Series (Optical), Sound Mode=Standard, HDMI-eARC Mode=Auto, Digital Output Audio Format=Auto, and under Connection, External Device Manager, the Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) mode is set so that the circle is, I think, coloured blue; which means I think it is set to on and uses a bit more electrical power than if it was set to off ?

The two main connections that I am using which have a bearing on the use of the Samsung Soundbar HW-S50B are as follows:-

HDMI cable from Sky+ HD Box to the HDMI (eARC) port on the Samsung CU8500 TV, and an Optical cable from the Samsung CU8500 TV to the Digital Audio In (Optical) port on the Samsung Soundbar.

I originally connected the Soundbar to the TV by HDMI Arc, but this resulted, on turning the TV on, in the sound coming on 10 to 12 seconds after the picture appeared on the TV screen; when the sound did come on it was in synch with the picture. Using a Digital Audio cable instead, as suggested in a previous Community answer to my earlier question, solved this problem.

The sound now is “acceptable”, better than without the soundbar, but not good.

To those who have read all the above …. very many thanks for getting this far. Is there anything of the above that I should change, or experiment further with ? 

By the way, I have not tried, or even put batteries in, the Soundbar remote control; I see that it can be used to make some changes …. are they changes that are not available through the TV Settings menus ? May they further improve the sound and would I understand what I should expect if I do alter any settings ?   

Please ask if any further information is required.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.  Very many thanks. Dave.