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HW-MS550 Soundbar stuck in D.IN


HW-MS550 is connected to QE75Q6FNAT and was working ok, connected by HDMI arc. Yesterday all power to house was turned off, on reinstating power I found that TV worked fine using its own speaker but the soundar was in D.IN source and will not move to any other source. Tried power on off etc , removed all cables to soundbar and held down various buttons on remote, held in + and - on side of soundbar , new HDMI cable...... nothing seems able to move soundbar to different source, just stuck on D.IN. Any help greatly appreciated!

Contacted Samsung support. They gave me the contact details of a local authorised repair engineer. Soundbar collected last Wednesday for attempted repair. Now waiting to hear outcome.

Update July 07.
Repaired and working ok. One of the circuit boards needed to be replaced. No cost to me as still under warranty.

Thanks - I've tried everything but I haven't tried unplugging just the TV so will give that a go.

Hi - is there a certain amount of time one should leave the screen unplugged for?
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SAMSUNG?!!!!! Are you there??!!!!!
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Just an update - The TV unplug/plug back in method didn’t work for me. Samsung’s local engineer recommendation want £90 minimum for diagnostics. There’s a fault with the soundbar in warranty, why am I paying £90!!!!! SAMSUNG!!!???? HELLO????
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