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Smart home App - not working

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Has anyone that's had this issue and spoken to Samsung support received any solution or workaround? This problem seems to be specific to my account as I replaced my PowerBot with a new one, yet I can't register it with my Samsung account either. That's two PowerBots with the exact same issue. I've tried multiple devices, some IOS some Android, makes no difference. I brought the PowerBot to my friend's house, connected it to their WiFi, same errror. At this point, the only common denominator is my Samsung account. 

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Funny enough it started working the other day.  

I have been in contact with CS with not help.  Just so happened that within an hour of posting a crappy review on the play store, it was able to connect to the Samsung servers. 


Asian culture issue of saving face?

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After logging in to this website and accepting the updated terms and conditions, I was able to log into the app and once again re-accept the terms and conditions.


Very disappointed in Samsung. I bought these expensive washer and dryer and within a few months the notifications stop working and I cannot add them back to my Smart Home app. Nothing I try makes a difference just fails "connecting to server".


i just got a samsung oven and am using the ios app.  the oven is connected to my network and shown on the app.  i hit the button on the oven to enable access with my phone.  i see the oven on my app on my phone ... but it always says disconnected.  thoughts?  i've already uninstalled oven and reinstalled oven on my app.  no dice.

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Hey everyone, 


Just want to point out that the issues with iPhoneX are still on. 


It is frustrating to buy a such an expensive smart AC with wifi connectivity and not being able to work it. 


I am really starting to believe that Samsung is not interested to their customers (of smart home appliances) if they are also iPhone owners. 


The question now is "should or shouldn't I sell my new smart Samsung AC" ?

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Hi all! 


Might be worth checking out my new post here.


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Why is it taking so long to fix the server issues. If I had know about it before I would not have invested over $2k in new washer/dryer. I try to login an from my iPhone 6 and it just will not connect to Samsung server. I’m using the latest version of IOS and will not be downgrading. Samsung you need to fix this!

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I had the same issue @Traveller99... mine only say network unvailable.

please help, im using the latest update on IOS & Smart home.



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