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Smart home App - not working



since he last update of the smart home App (iOS version) the app does not work at all.

At the beginning it did crash every time during "connecting to server" - after Deinstallation and Installation it does not connect anymore to the smart home device (air condition in my case). He smart device itself is connected to Wifi and can be reached via PING....

i neeed help 😉


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Log in and it immediately tries to connect to the server the cones up with a message that connection to server failed and will not let me go any further. Using iPhone X


I have the iPhone X as well. Having the same issues. As soon as I launch the app, it connects to the server then gives a error message stating the connection between the mobile device and smart home server cannot connect. 


I have deleted the the app and reinstalled. This did not fix the issue. I am running IOS 11.1.2 which is the most current iOS at this point in time. 


Please help. 


Hello all

i have the same issue with my iPhone X.

could you help?


Same here as well.
Connecting with server on my iPhone X keeps failing, while on my iPhone 7 Plus there are no problems.
I tried Samsung Connect (which doesn’t have official support for my washer yet) and SmartThings apps.
When logging in I can see my washer, but I can’t control it with those apps.

My washer is a WW10H9600EW and my iPhone X is running iOS 11.2.

Hey @Nakyoruto@Traveler99@PLBKIN190@Snelson and @TKin


Can you all provide me with your:

  • Washing machine model code
  • iOS Software version
  • App version

I'll look into this with some of our appliance wizards to see if there's any issues on our end. 



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Washer: WW10H9600EW/EG 01

iOS: 11.2 (15C114)

App: Smart Home 3.1193.928


Hello I have a robot vacuum cleaner Powerbot SR20K9350X


IOS 11.2 (15C114)

Smart HOme version 3.1193.928





Dear all,


I am facing the exact same issue after updating to IOS 11.2  .


The Samsung Smart Home application tries to connect and returns two errors:


The connection between mobile device and Samsung smart home server failed. Please try again.


followed by:

Login is expired please login again.


I have removed the application and installed again. Unfortunately no luck. Neither on a different smart phone.


when is a fix of the Samsung smart home application expected?


Samsung device used is Air to water heatpump split hydro AE160JNYDEH


thanks in advance for your support!







Thanks all! 


I've forwarded this to some of our appliance team for some further advice.

Myself or another moderator will be back to you all as soon as there's a response!



Say "hello!" and
Introduce Yourself, or virtually hangout in the Samsung Lounge

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