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Galaxy Watch Stops Recording work out part way through


So this is really annoying now.  For months the watch has been fine but a couple of weeks ago now I got half way through a run and the watch stopped recording.  I use the watches work out app, select running (basic work out) and press start.  It records for about 10 minutes and then stops.   So a couple of days ago I set the screen to stary on during the run and it was fine for one run.  I ran again today and again it stoped after about 2km; no record of the run at all.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It seems to work well! but I think that normally it is up to them to correct what they did not to the user to make a reinitilisation and reconfigure a part of the watch for that ..

I followed the procedure mentioned earlier:

- backup

- reset

- clear cache





I went for a couple of walks and some bike rides and didn't have any problem at all.

btw: I still didn't select 'screen on' but it went fine



I recently completed the reset procedure described earlier in this thread and have now had a chance to test if it has made a difference.


Completed a 1.5 hour, 16 mile ride with auto-pause OFF, screen always-on OFF. No issues with activity tracking ending early.

Thanks to TheWalker.....


I've run the procedure and have done a few workouts and I haven't had any problems.  The timer function previously also used to stop and now it operates like it should.  I have left the settings in Samsung Health at their defaults.  


Thanks again, you helped get my "old watch" back.

Thank you for this info my watch started to do this this week. So have done all the steps and see what it does next time I am out for a run.

Over the last few weeks, I am having exactly the same problem on cycling and runs. It's unbelievably annoying and I want to through the watch in the bushes! It appears it's been going on for a few months. Does anyone have a solution?

If you go back a couple of pages, about 2 weeks ago, TheWalker posted a reset procedure from Samsung support.  It's kind of a pain, but I have had no problems since I went through the procedure.  I left everything at the factory defaults except I turned off the autodetects.  Hope this helps.

thank you. I did actually get through to Samsung in the UK and they suggested the same thing. I backed up and did a factory reset and then restored. I then updated various apps but didn't update Samsung Health as worried that there is an update there that has caused the problem

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I've been having this same issue for the past few weeks or so. Im not running, I do weight lifting or circuit training and sometimes I'm lucky if it even stays on for 2 minutes. I got 30 minutes in and it was fine today but 10 minutes later it has stopped itself. Please fix this.

Hi I called Samsung and they took me through a factory reset. Just do a backup first and then a restore. It seems to have worked, sigh I still have an issue of the watch stopping recording my heart rate when I am cycling. I just don't think they will ever fix that problem. Good luck

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