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One Connect Box UE55HU8500T stopped working

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I bought Smart TV on December 2014 with it came "one connect box" it was all fine until last week then it stopped working.

I opened the one connect box cleaned dust out from machine and its fan put it back on and it still doesn't work...

TV screen working perfectly and showing animation to connect one connect box cable once you do that... screen goes black and blank as soon as you remove the cable back animation comes back on... assuming its completely "one connect box's" fault.

found out these boxes come specifically with your TV... Samsung doesn't sell parts separately only way is to repair it.

can anyone else share or give more information if you had similar issues with your TV.  


Hey @Asni ,

that is! Every TV comes with their One Connect Box. When did you get the TV? Have you tried to reach your nearest Support Centre to see if this can be repaired? Find your local one from here:

if you fail to get a box from samsung service center try buying the box for JS9000 version. Everything would work apart from WiFi. simply use ethernet - lan instead

I did but the cable head are different it didn’t fit so sent it back

I have  a JS9000 and after a update a couple months ago the one connect box died just like yours. I was wondering where you bought the replacement box (the one for a JS9000)  and what did you pay for it because prices are all over the place and there's a million different boxs. 

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