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Q60 faulty display randomly

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I own a Q60 Samsung TV with the model code QE65Q60RATXXU. I have been having ongoing issue with the display flickering and unable to render a clear image after the TV was left on a long period of time. This issue has occurred  withing the first 12 months. This has taken months of contacting Samsung and getting sufficient videos and pictures (First two pictures showing fault before TV removed from wall) for Samsung to accept the fault. Once finally the fault was accepted the engineer was call out by samsung. Before the engineer arrived to my property the TV was removed from the wall and checked. When checked there was no issue with the display at the moment which the TV was removed other then the initial fault. The next day when the engineer arrived to replace the main board and turned on the TV  (As seen on the third image) loads of horizontal and vertical lines appeared on the display looking like there should of been an impact on the screen. After inspecting the screen I would imagine if there was an impact there should be some sort of scratch and or noticeable area where the impact has occurred, which there wasn't.  Following up on that I don't see how the screen was able to get damaged over night when no one has entered the room since the TV was removed from the wall till the engineer arrived the next day. Reading on the forums I can see that this is a common fault with the QLED TVs with the display being very fragile and easily damaged either by heat or movement. Now Samsung are unhappy to repair the TV as there is "Screen Damage" even though this TV would have never needed to be removed from the wall if there was never a main board issue. For a market leader in TV's their products dont match the quality that they claim. ​





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