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Firmware UPDATE NEEDED for UE43J5202

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I have a UE43J5202 Full HD smart led TV and have recently developed an issue where I can't view any apps in the Smart Hub or when they work they keep crashing


Data connection is fully operational, I can browse the internet. So far I have completed a self diagnoisis test and it comes up with an error code of ERRR08007 and says I need to complete an update. However when I try to update it says there is no updates available and I have the latest version which is a 2013 version.


Ive looked for it and mailed samsung customer care not to get any help


Anyone with the update please. Also so i can get some apps to work


Hey @MorranERO ,


I have been trying to locate this model in our UK page, however, I haven't been able to find it. Can you tell me where did you get this TV from? 

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