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BBC iPlayer not working on UE32ES5500K TV Smart Hub

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For a few months BBC iPlayer has not working been working on our UE32ES5500K TV Smart Hub. If we click on the Button, it just goes to a black screen. 4OD, ITV and other services are working OK. It won't let me Uninstall the app, so I can't reinstall a new version. It says its on Version 2.02603. If I try and run it from the App Store screen, it still goes to a black screen. Any suggestions?


If other apps are working and other TV functions too then it’s unlikely to be a problem with your hardware (TV). Suggest you call Samsung if you can’t remember your PIN. They are pretty good.


BBC iplayer won't load. I've tried a suggested sequence of actions which leads to entering pin. 0000 was suggested, but that is not accepted. I don't know what my PIN is.


Hi @Ratnakara.


Try the following combinations:


1234, 4321, 1111.


Let us know if any work.



We have tried the above and it won’t allow us to put the pin 0000 in, could there be another code? 



Hi @Sam201. Have you tried the other suggestions that @ChrisM, mentioned? 1234, 4321, 1111. Let me know how you get on. 


Thankyou so much for your advice, those numbers didn’t work but I tried 4567 and that worked 👍🏻 Just resetting now so fingers crossed it will solve the problem.

Thankyou so much again 😃 


Nice one, @Sam201


Hi all. Like many others out there I suddenly found myself not being able to access Iplayer on my 6 year old Samsung TV. Mine was not on the list of TV’s provided on the BBC website and the problem began to occur when the BBC Insisted that I now sign in to use Iplayer. Basically after 2 weeks of mucking about with trying this and trying that I appear to have stumbled upon my own personal solution.


*** Navigate to the BBC News app on the smart hub and click on it. It told me to update the software and 10 seconds later Iplayer was working. ***


Hopefully it will not disappear again and this solution helps some of you get back to watching what you pay for. 



Great news, @TGPB! Thanks for sharing!

The default PIN does not work on my smart TV - is there an alternative to 0000 ?
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