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Bluetooth Call audio not working

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Hi,  I have a bluetooth call audio issue for over a year.

Setup: S8 connected to various headset/ wearable - Philips headphone, car bluetooth, plantronics headphone, Samsung active 2

Issue: Bluetooth media audio always works, but bluetooth call audio never works. I can't hear the audio or other party hear me in a call, so I fallback to using mobile in handset mode or turn on mobile speaker to talk. 

Troubleshooting steps already tried but failed to resolve the issue,

  1. unpair and pair bluetooth device
  2. Reboot mobile
  3. Mobile Bluetooth clear cache, clear data
  4. Mobile (recovery mode) - wipe cache clean
  5. Toggle mobile airplane mode
  6. Removed all existing pairs
  7. Mobile has been updated with latest software few times over last one year and issue never got resolved
  8. Mobile in safe mode - still issue occurs
  9. Mobile reset networks
  10. Mobile factory reset - still issue occurs
  11. Bluetooth headsets tried with other mobile (S7) - headsets work fine


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any sugguestions please?



I have the same issue. Did you manage to fix this problem? If so how?

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I am having the same issue and it is very frustrating.


I have tried everything but to no avail. Never had an issue with samsungs with my cars or lorrys before until i got the s8 😡


I have tried everything including factory reset couple of times even reflash factory firmware but still no luck. I can't think of anything else except sending it to samsung repairs 😞


Ive seen alot of this issue everywhere with this model. Can recieve texts play music scroll through contacts but soon as someone rings me or i ring them no call audio until i take it off bluetooth

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Hi I also have the same issue, it started happing 2 weeks ago. I can connect my Plantronics PLT BB PRO 2 headset for  Audio, but calls are disabled. Unable to enable. If I un pair and repair, it works for one call, and then is disabled again.

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