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Samsung cloud to delete my data


Hi all

I have recently received 2 emails from Samsung Cloud, the latest being this morning, saying that my cloud data will be deleted on 23rd April 2020 due to a year of inactivity. However this is not true.

My data to the cloud updates on a daily basis and I pay monthly for the larger storage option. I have also been back into the app a few times recently.

I don't understand why my data is going to be deleted and I can't find a way to stop this from happening.

Can anyone help?




All Samsung Cloud data will be deleted if it is not used within 12 months. That is to say, you should probably backup often, so that you don't need to worry about suddenly breaking your phone and losing all your data.


Hi thanks for replying.


My data backs up automatically that's why I'm saying it's strange of them to say it will be deleted. I check regularly and I pay monthly for extra storage space. So it's not that I don't use it. Baffling! 


Does anyone know what time of day my data will be deleted?  The deletion is scheduled for the 29th (It's nearing midnight of the 28th right now) and I've requested a download link to retrieve all my photos, but I'm afraid I won't get it in time and lose everything.  The phone is long gone and I don't have a Sumsung device of any kind anymore to sync the gallery just to appease the demand that there be some activity to stop the deletion.  I'm really hoping it doesnt happen until the end of the day the stated, so I have time to retrieve the download link and get my photos. Thanks in advance!

PS - Maybe requesting the link could have paused the scheduled deletion?
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