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Washing machine no heating water WF70F5EDW4X


Hi guys. Looking for advice on how to fix.

Washing machine is not heating water. All cycles complete their run successfully but with stone cold water. So I imagine it could be the washing element but I am recieveing no error codes! 

Is there a diagnostic check I can run to see if it is the element before I buy one? Samsung support won't help as 2 and a half years old. Thank you in advance. 

Samsung Pro
What makes you think it is not heating the water? The final rinses which is normally 3 rinses will be cold water so the washing will always be cold at the end of the cycle. It only heats the water in the first wash stage and you will not feel this in the door either.
There is no easy way to test the heater unfortunately. The fact there is no error code and the wash finishes makes me think the heater is OK. A faulty heater would normally cause very long cycles due to the PCB waiting for the water to be at the right temperature. Which it will never do if it doesn't heat.

Hi, many thanks for your reply!   🙂

When I used to do a 95° wash I could always feel warmth through the glass door at a point in the cycle. Now the cycle feels stone cold at all times.

I have run a test on a 95° cotton cycle using a laser thermometer: 

Glass door was at 18° before use. 

During cycle testing every 10 minutes the door / wash temp went down from room temp. 

Start at 2.29 remaining : 18°

5 mins in: 13°

10 mins in: 8°

20 mins in: 11°

30 mins in: 15°

40 mins in: 14°

50 mins in: 15°

60 mins in: 15° 

Water coming out of kitchen tap at 8°.


So it seems the water isn't heating at all, but again cycle completes successfully. 

I'm totally stumped as I could definitely feel the heat through the glass previously. 

Could it be a limescale issue? 



Limescale tends to make the heater inefficient overtime. If you're really unlucky it can cause the heater to fail. But so can excess detergent deposits and general wash debris. Based on the figures and cold water draining, it certainly sounds like the heating circuit is not functioning.

I'd have to recommend an engineer look at it unfortunately.

I really appreciate your input. 

I agree with you, with no error codes to point me in the right direction it does sound like an engineer job. 

But with the cost of a call out and then parts I might just have to buy a cheap machine which is such a shame as I love my Samsung washer so much!! I don't want to give it up after only 2.5 years  😞  

I might open it up to check no obvious loose connections etc. then call it a loss. Haven't got much to lose by having a look! 

Thanks again for your help though!

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