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Washing machine no heating water WF70F5EDW4X

(Topic created on: 01-04-2020 11:50 AM)

Hi guys. Looking for advice on how to fix.

Washing machine is not heating water. All cycles complete their run successfully but with stone cold water. So I imagine it could be the washing element but I am recieveing no error codes! 

Is there a diagnostic check I can run to see if it is the element before I buy one? Samsung support won't help as 2 and a half years old. Thank you in advance. 


@Tattyasha wrote:

My current cheapo kettle has a white element - 3 months = scaled beyond recognition. But not my washing machine. Not a spot. 

Hi there - I dont know if any bearing, your kettle has  maybe a 3kw (or thereabouts) element in it and boils...not just heats. Your washing machine element dont really ever get to boiling (100'c) and certainly not throughout the wash, and I think it combination of boiling temp and hard water area that really scales up your kettle element. Think the newer washing machines use the element even less than the old ones (in the name of eco, save the world) so thats why the older ones got more scaled up than the newer washing machine ones ... plus I may be wrong but maybe the machine elements are made out of different metals to the one in your kettle - say your manufacturer (for the sake of reliability) have coated the element in your washing machine or used different steel/metal to avoid limescale forming on it, the same protection more than likely not been applied to your cheap kettle and also on the older washing machines which used to fur up terrible. 

So, roughly how many long washes do you do on your washing machine 60'c temp or more and a long wash (not short or quick washes)  would you say? 
and have you ever tried any of these things like Dettol antibac  laundry cleanser in with your wash or rinse cycle? that might leave your washing machine smelling fresher.

 incidentally, I done a test today on a wash with a digital temperature display device, it was a 40'c wash - it took over half an hour to get to 38'c and then just under 5 minutes of that temp it started emptying ready for its first rinse - so imagine how much longer to heat up to 60'c and over that is supposed to clear the germs and bacteria and dissolve the soap/liquid scum inside the drum and its components and  this is why short washes more than likely dont even get anywhere near the 60'c temperature - so in that respect I can see why the old washing machines used to do around a 2hr - 3hr wash - enough time to get up to 60's and wash for a good amount of time to help kill germs/bacteria and soap scum. - these newer washing machines these days people want to do quick washes in their washing machines, so they can get a next load on and washing.


this is garbage, you would feel the glass door at the very least  warm and not stone cold


I quite agree now I know!


So sorry @andy_in_ireland I hadn’t seen your kind reply. Unfortunately we’re still having the same issue and it’s now back with the CEO complaints team for review (I say back with - they ignored it previously).

I have done everything you’ve said and regularly. I always wash my whites on 60 and my bedding and towels on 90. I use Daz with these too. Always full washes, never quick ones. Having 3 children under 4 means this is a daily thing usually but, worst case, every other. I don’t think it’s heating again and the stench comes from the drum. I’ve used soda crystals, dettol/Dr whatsit cleaner and, even after doing that at midnight, by the time I open the door at 7am the next day, it stinks again. I’m cleaning the filter, soap drawer, door, seal/rim - the works. Nothing gets rid of it even for a short time. 

There’s also a rattle if I spin the drum by hand, like a marble rolling around somewhere. Not sure if that has any bearing (excuse the pun). I don’t think it’s heating again so my suspicion is that it’s an electrical fault relating to the heating element. Consequently, when it was replaced it got hot the first time and I saw steam on the inside of the glass but, a couple of uses probably vibrated something loose again and we’re back to square one. Regardless, I don’t think it’s right that 3 years on and multiple failed engineer visits without resolution, I’m still stuck with a useless machine that stinks. 

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I have Samsung 2in1: EcoBuble 9kg + 6kg Dryer.

Model: WD90J6A10A, S/N: 0SW45ADK700013H, from 2019 year.

The same issue occurred, no heating the water.

I am mechanical engineer.

Do not reproduce my steps!

1. I checked the heating element with Ohmmeter - it is OK

2. I checked the heating sensor element with Ohmmeter - it is OK.

3. I put a hot water (2 liters, 40 degrees) into the drum, the heating sensor element changed change the value on the Ohmmeter in right limits.

4. I connected the heater element to the electricity (220V, water into drum) and it boiling the water into the drum.

5 I checked the whole washing machine wiring and FOUND the problem.


The electro-mechanical switch for the heating element was not working. It is mounted on the main board. It is packaged with the Invertor motor control, water valves control, etc. One board for the whole machine, the price is like a new washing machine.


The whole main board is  covered with silicone. I lost some time to clean the silicone, replaced the switch with a new one (GOLDEN Switch 1€) using soldering instruments and now the machine works properly.


After that I found there is a special test menu for these machines, pressing a magic keys and it could be used for the fast check turning on/of water valves, heating element, door lock, motor rotation.

But for the heating element you should have in addition electricity power meter to check the real consumption when the heater is ON.


Good luck.

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I got new ecobuggle with add wash (little door) and same problem.
On 20, 30 and 40 °C no heating.
Only on 60 and 90.

I could open little door and check.
Cold stone water 😞
No happy
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Hi - I appear to be having the same problem as yourself and others. I've replaced the heating element and thermostat. Both looked to be in a bad way and hoped they would resolve my problem but unfortunately they didn't.

Ran the test mode, delay 17 hours and hold start. Start again. Goes through each cycle and stops on HC.

Only thing left is the main board I think, what switch did you use and where did you obtain please? Worth a go as the main board is £100. Spent £50 on the two parts already.


Thanks in advance.