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Washing machine stuck - one year old- WM90M6450po

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Hi my one year old washing machine is not running after loading. An error message displayed DC with a door lock symbol. We tried to cancel the programme and open it . It's neither opening nor running the program. With my busy schedule as a doctor at this time with a young family, cannot get any engineer. What should I do .. please advise.

Samsung Pro

On your appliance there are 2 lock symbols, one a door and a little lock, the other a padlock symbol. 

If it is the padlock symbol it is likely the childlock has been activated and is causing the issue. I'll put a photo extract from the user manual to show how to deactivate it at the bottom.


If it is not this you may have a draining problem, if the water doesn't drain fully it will keep the door locked for safety. This is a link to a how to video to help with this. If it is none of these it may need an engineer, so hop over to the contact us page.

Emergency Drain Process YouTube video


 Child lock deactivationChild lock deactivation


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