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Replacement RF24HSESBSR temperature issues

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We bought a new Samsung RF24HSESBSR fridge/freezer a few weeks ago, but it had a coolant leak that meant the freezer couldn't work as intended.
We got a replacement a few days ago, and being extra cautious, I have been monitoring the temps.
It seems the temperatures being read by the fridge don't match what standalone thermometers are reading. This morning the fridge was saying -22ºC for the freezer and 1ºC for the fridge, but my thermometers said -19.5ºC and 6ºC.
When I turned the power off for 30 seconds to reset the fridge, suddenly the fridge readings match the thermometers.
Left it overnight on Friday, and was shocked to find the temperature swing between -20ºC and +1ºC in the freezer:
This resulted in a box of ice-creams melting and then re-freezing.
This morning I reset the fridge again at the plug, and suddenly the freezer temperature read -5ºC when it was reading -22ºC beforehand.
Has anyone experienced similar? Why would the readouts on the fridge not always match the actual internal temps?
A friend of mine has a similar model (RF23) and he tested the temperatures and the cycles were -18ºC and -21ºC, which I would expect, but mine has massive temperature variances.
I also tested a cheap £100 under-counter freezer I bought 5 years ago and it only had a variance of -20ºC to -15ºC, I don't understand how a fridge that cost 18 times as much cannot manage the same.

Hi @GarethW 


Are you still having the same issues with the temperature of your Fridge Freezer or did you manage to get it sorted out?


I have exactly the same issue here - is there any solution?

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