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Why does Samsung discriminate against disabled and terminally ill people during covid.

(Topic created on: 10-11-2020 03:14 PM)
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Why does Samsung not prioritize repairs or  replacements for vulnerable people.


Being a carer for my parents 1 who is terminally ill and the other who is in a wheelchair i have a French style fridge freezer which has failed under warranty and was told my a manager that i could have a replacement if a repair was not sorted out within the timescale stated. Having to wait 3 months is not acceptable and they just keep going back on their word and putting obstacles in the way which includes sending engineers into my home from an area which was in total lockdown having been told that any infection can and will probably kill my dad. I wouldn't mind but the repair centre in not even the nearest it is over an hour away and then they dont inform me where hes from to give me the option of let him into my home or not. To make matters worse sending them out without parts to repair it whats that about as they were given details of the fault which the engineer said was a common fault and will probably go again. 


I am having to go into supermarkets daily to get fresh produce as i have no way of keeping stuff at a steady temperature. This is putting me and my family at increased risk of catching covid and other infections which has put my dad in hospital i clearly hold Samsung responsible for this in the way they have delt with the matter. 


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Home Appliances
I feel for you mate....they took 2 months to fix my watch, so I contacted resolver and suddenly watch turns up 2 days later.
it's got the be the worst for customer service or anything.