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Samsung Smart Fridge Freezer - Freezer not freezing

(Topic created on: 31-10-2022 01:16 PM)
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I decided to purchase in January this year a Samsung Smart Fridge Freezer, everything and loved the product up until about 6 weeks ago. 

I noticed the temperature had risen in the freezer section causing all the food to defrost. Tried the normal things like turning it on & off etc. Still didn't rectify the issue. 

So with it still being under warranty, I called the support team and arranged for an engineer to come out as it couldn't be resolved over the phone hoping it'll be a quick fix. Had to wait a week for the engineers visit, engineer turned up scratching his head and was unable to resolve the issue, he thought it would be a good idea to change the circuit board and internal fan. Then had to wait another week for parts, parts were swapped out and still didn't rectify the issue. Had to then wait another week for another (3rd) engineer to come out who actually connected his mobile device to the Fridge Freezer which said there's a fault. Did a reset and asked me to wait 24hrs to see if that resolved it, which it didn't. Logged the issue again and had to wait another week as they needed to order a replacement compressor. The 4th engineer turned up today and still could pin point the problem, I've now got to wait another week for even more parts to come and the possibility of it not being fixed yet again.

I've now gone the whole month of October without a freezer which is disappointing to say the least. 

I did receive the £50 voucher but to be honest this didn't even cover the food lost in the freezer , never mind the cost of the time I've had to take off work for the engineer visits and fuel costs for regular travel to the supermarket to buy fresh food.

As an owner of multiple Samsung devices like TV's, Mobiles, Tablets and other technology I'm starting to loose faith in the Samsung brand, the support given so far will be a key factor when I'm looking to purchase other technologies.