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Calling all faulty Samsung Z Flip/Fold owners - CLASS ACTION NEEDED

(Topic created on: 14-05-2023 07:50 AM)

Enough is enough. 

Despite what Samsung says in response to user complaints, the crease/crack along the fold of our Flips and Fold phones ARE a common problem irrespective of whether occuring within the 1st year of ownership or shortly thereafter.

Let's call it what it really is: A component defect. 

It's very disappointing, irresponsible and dodgy of Samsung to deem the issue as 'user damage' to evade accountability and foist hefty repair costs upon the user.

How many of you flip/fold owners have worn the burdensome frustration and inconvenience of having your phone fixed in the early days of ownership? How many of you have felt you've had no choice but to pay for Samsung for the repair, or, write off the cost of your phone entirely and buy a new more reliable phone to replace it??

The crease/crack in my phone appeared out of the blue through absolutely no fault of my own. I know I am not the only one.  Laying the blame at my feet is utter rubbish.

At the very least, a smart phone should endure 3 years of good use.  Not 2 weeks, 6 months or 1.5 years.

Even if Samsung says that the phone was broken because of ‘user damage’, one must look at the structural integrity of the phone itself and question how it could so easily be damaged by users so early on in the phone’s life.

For those of you out of pocket for a repair and/or the cost of an unusable phone plus a new one, let's band together and launch a worldwide class action lawsuit against Samsung for this issue and get our money back.

Who's with me?

I know they've been other community members who've complained or mentioning class actions elsewhere within the community (I among them) so i think it's time. 

Enough really is enough. 

Please respond here and to any other post regarding class actions on this website and elsewhere to further this cause. 

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This phone is tge one we need insurance with.
Big Cheese
Depends you bought a piece of folding glass. The technology for folding glass is in its infancy and company's are just learning ... but uptill then there will be problems.
Just stick with a flat screen untill they get it right.
Helping Hand
Crease and cracks are different. As of now the crease is natural to folding phones. Cracks are defects.
First Poster
My phone always lags
I do agree with you, Samsung should be held to account. They clearly are not durable. It's quite frightening when we think of the number of times we use our phones on a daily basis. So with it being a foldable display, there'd have to be problems at some stage. Like mentioned, it is at a very early stage of new technology. No excuse though. It should work as designed and intended.
It's never been a phone I would think about purchasing. I myself would rather have a bigger battery in a thicker designed phone.
A friend of mine has the Z Fold phone and he's reporting no problems with far!

I am in!  The Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 is flawed and it seems that many people are having the same problem.  I have only had my phone for about 18 months and the screen is going.  It is a failed concept that should be rectified.  I just bought the S23 Ultra because I would never own a Samsung Galaxy Fold again.  I explained my problem exactly to the Samsung Agent. The agent told me to not claim the screen as cracked, and that I should have no problem getting the full $660 credit (I still owe $800).  He said that it is normal for the screens to have the black line through it, they are seeing a lot of this.  I am disappointed.  If they fail to give me my full credit and do not accept the faulty phone as a trade in good working order, I think I will look into commencing a class action suit about this issue.  I am sure we will not have any difficulty finding a law firm to take action on our behalf.


anyone in Australia take the action? I am happy to join, the flip phone last not even a year, not samsung refuse to repair it and said it user damage! 

Hi, I too feel scammed by sansung for a phone that I can no longer use after only 4 months. The screen went completely black and they tell me the warranty doesn't cover. I know that a class action has been propose all over the world this should mean something!! The product is not reliable!! 

They have received my phone with a defective screen.  I am just waiting to make sure they accept it and give me the full value of my trade ($660) they promised me.  It is a shame because I had to downgrade from the Z Fold 3 (a $1,900 phone) to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra ($1,200 extra cost to me).  They should have been upfront with this problem and exchanged for a like phone that does not have this problem (I am losing $1,200 in this deal).