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Lost Z Flip 4

(Topic created on: 03-05-2024 06:20 PM)

<span;>   In July of last year..My Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 broke (randomly) as it was still under warrenty I sent it in to be repaired at one of Samsungs Repair Centers in Ontario. (I live in Central MB) They received my Device fairly quickly. After my device was inspected, I was contacted via email and was told that it qualified for free repair, but the parts needed were on back order. So instead I would just be given a replacement device instead at no cost to me.  The device was shipped out from Samsung.

<span;>     It's Late August and I had not received my package yet. I called Samsung to inquire about the status of my package, asked for a tracking number. I was told someone would contact me. I never received any information. I called back 3 times before someone finally said they would find out for me. I finally recieved a tracking number for FedEx. 

<span;>I called FedEx (this is in beginning of september) and gave them the tracking number. My package arrived in Winnipeg on August 8th and was then supposedly transferred to Gardewine North to be delivered as FedEx Express did not ship outside of Winnipeg City Limits (i live 3 hours north of winnipeg). 

<span;>   I am then given a tracking number for Gardewine North. I call and have a relatively pleasant conversation with a young woman. She takes down my Info and says she will give me a call when she figures out where my package is as we are now in September and they were supposed to have it August 8th. She makes quick work of my case and calls me the next day. She tells me that they have all  the paperwork saying they were to recieve my package...but did not actually recieve anything from FedEx!. I asked her to send me an email stating that they are unable to locate my package in their warehouse, and she does! 

<span;> I then call FedEx to inform them of my issue. I am told that my case will be escalated and they would be in touch. I never did recieve any calls or emails from them. I had also contacted Samsung to report my phone had been lost in the mail so they could open their own lost package claim as they are the sender and FedEx will not reimburse me directly. 

<span;>After Many many attempts to contact Samsung, I recieved this Email on Sept 22nd.

<span;>"Hello Dear Valued Customer,

<span;>This is Frantz from the Executive Relations Dept. of Samsung Canada, this is email is to inform you that your case is under review with the upper management in regards the package replacement phone that you reported lost by FedEx, knows that you will be contacted as soon as we find out where is the package.

<span;>Thank you for your patience.



<span;>Frantz B."

<span;>While I am dealing with all of this I am still paying monthly for my phone as it is a contract with TELUS Mobility. Which I told them several times in a feeble attempt, thinking it would somehow expedite the process. 

<span;>November 28th I yet again try to contact Samsung. I am connected with a young woman. I give her all the usual information. She looks up my case and tells me that I will be contacted by someone. I simply refuse to accept this as an answer. I explain how long it's been, that no one can give me answers and I am very frustrated. She tells me she's going to check with a supervisor and puts me on hold. Only....she didn't mute her mic. She proceeded to speak to a man in a different language, unaware I could hear them. I couldn't understand what they were saying but they would talk and then laugh, talk almost mockingly and then laugh. After about a minute they switch to English and I can hear him spoonfeeding her the lines...."your case has been escalated to a higher department" "I am unable to assist you further" "someone will contact you once we know more". She must have realized that she didn't mute her mic because before she returned to the call she screamed before she spoke to me again. And fed me the same lines I got everytime I have called Samsung. 

<span;>    I then asked her if I could speak to someone in this higher department. I was told "NO" that's it....just No!  And then her tone quickly changed as if she was hurrying me off the call. I hung up out of frustration.  

<span;>I had contacted Samsung again in the new year and got a woman who seemed very upset that it's taken this long and that she was embarrassed. Told me she would send it high priority up the chain and that someone HAD to contact me within 2 business days...and Nothing! It has now been 10 months of this!

<span;> Now I don't know what I expect from sending this email but at this point it's to prove a point. A point of how terrible my experience has been. How rude Samsung has been. I have tried and tried to get answers and Nothing comes of it!  I want to shine a light on how careless they have been.

<span;>Thank You For Your Time

<span;>Kingsley N Jarvie

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Hello @SILVERRANGERKJ19  and Welcome to the UK/ Eu section of the Samsung Community Forum. 

It might be beneficial for you to also post in your own regions section of the Samsung forum. 

From what you write, it does sound like you've had a truly bad experience in regards to the courier and Samsung.   😔 

I appreciate your still paying for a contract so if you haven't already I would suggest to use your sim card in another phone to be able to use the services your paying for.

I'm not aware of the Consumer Acts / Laws in your country but in the UK if an issue rises and cannot be resolved a person can claim against their credit card / debit card if the phone was purchased that way.

If the phone was supplied by the network as part of a mobile phone contract,  then the network is the merchant ,and so has a Duty of Care to resolve matters in the UK. 

If the phone was supplied by Samsung then obviously Samsung have a Duty of Care. 

I wish you all the best. 

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