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S24 Ultra Media Volume Issues

(Topic created on: 24-03-2024 03:08 AM)

In the past week my volume when playing back media from any platform has gone haywire.  I have a Samsung s24 Ultra.

It will be fine, then I go to adjust volume up or down on the side buttons and the system then turns volume off to zero.

I try to increase volume either through the buttons or on the screen, it keeps forcing it to zero.  I have tried with volume limiter on/off, no difference.  I have reset the phone...sometimes it works, other times no.

I have cleared cache and done everything else that I can find on the Web but the issue continues.

Happens when using a BT headset or just using the phones speakers.

When I try to scale up the volume on the screen after the volume issues start, the sound comes through intermittent and distorted and keeps setting it back to zero.

It sounds as if the phone is "clipping", even at a low level of audio output.  Whether I am watching media through YouTube, Facebook, even just a media player...the issue is there.  Music playback is affected as well.  Gaming, the same issue.

No other audio signal is affected... ringtone, alerts etc. all work fine.  It's just on media playback.  So it suggests it's not hardware but software related within Samsung.  

Really annoying.  Sure a new phone is bound to have bugs, but this is getting ridiculous as to how many.

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Hi @Peters2121 

I appreciate you have tried various troubleshooting steps.  👍 

Have you tried Safe Mode  > turns off downloaded apps and themes etc which may highlight an app or theme that's causing conflict. 

And tried the diagnostic tool found in your Samsung Members App. 

I'm not convinced this is the phone's core software because if it was many would be affected. 

My phone is on the latest updates and I use Spotify and have used the phone's speakers for music too. 

Volume stays as I set it. 

I use the Samsung Buds² Pro Earbuds and the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Over-Ear Wireless Headphones.

You can also send feedback via your Samsung Members App if you haven't already. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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@Peters2121: To troubleshoot the issue, please try heading to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Volume > Tap the 3 dots in the top right > Media volume limit, and toggle this option off if it is active. Alternatively, move the 'Custom volume limit' slider all the way to the right. 

If this isn't applicable, head to Settings > Modes and Routines, and check to see if a routine is set up to mute the volume when certain apps are opened e.g. If > App opened > Spotify > Then > Sounds and vibration > Media volume > Bluetooth audio > Off. 

I have your problem too with sound.

My issue is only experienced when using old headphones that I plug in via adaptor.

The mobile decides like a possessed spirit to increase or decrease when it feel.

I think it could be a software issue of the headphones that have features and gets confused with S24Ultra

Thanks for the feedback. Tried all of that.  Does not make a difference.  I have no routines and the only mode is Driver Mode, which is not where I am experiencing the issues.


Thanks for your suggestions.  I will try them.  

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Hello, I wonder if someone is having or had same issue with the s24 ultra.

When I connect earbuds through Bluetooth on my phone and I try to put something from YouTube, the sound is not playing on the earbuds, but all other media sounds are playing on the earbuds, only you tube is problem, and I cannot find anything in the settings to fix this annoying problem.
I tried already different headphones and earphones, and the same thing happened again.
The only way that works is with wired headphones.