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International connections/roaming - Issues with no service overseas on Verizon

(Topic created on: 20-03-2022 11:10 PM)
S 22 Ultra
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I purchased pre paid S 22 Ultra trough Verizon 

2 weeks ago went for international trip to St Marteen and cant get any connection using my phone .Spoke with Verizon several times and get no help.They told me i need to come back to United States to make set up Global Service. After i came to US called Verizon ,set up Global service and went for trip to Poland .

I cant belive happened again ,I am in Poland now for a week, no phone service (only wifi calling)

Verizon international team its just waist time because no one from the support technician know what to do 

I opened Special Verizon support ticket ,no reponde ,my S 22 Ultra still not working 

I never have this problem while using Galaxy Note 1p

Whats wrong with this Samsung??


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It's most probably not your Samsung phone @S 22 Ultra at issue, but instead your mobile network contract that has some form of Roaming Bar / limitation on it.

You can certainly check your phone via Settings , Connections, Mobile Networks and Toggle On Data Roaming.

Also as a process of elimination when your Roaming next try your sim card in another phone and then see what happens.

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I was in Poland 3 weeks ago and Mexico last week and had the same problem.  Verizon had me reset my network connections because they couldn't find anything else wrong in my settings.  Unfortunately I won't know if this works until I leave the country again.  The frustrating part about this is my wife also has a S22 Ultra and had connection the whole time.  

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I have been in France for two days and my S22+ won't stay connected to a roaming network for more than a minute. Verizon has had me try everything and no luck.  Turning on and off the sim card reconnects for a minute, but then it drops again. Incredibly frustrating as I've traveled internationally with five prior Galaxies with no issues and bought a new phone for this trip.  Did anyone find a work around? The phone is within 30 days so Verizon won't even unlock it so I can buy a sim card.

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Has anyone else had this issue? I'm visiting in London for the week. I had my service provider (Verizon) turn on international service, but my phone won't connect to international roaming. I compared the settings to my husband's phone, and his looks like I remember my old phone's settings, but the line that says  "global" is missing on my phone . I've tried talking to Verizon customer service, but they have been unhelpful. 

My roaming is turned on, I've updated software, I've gone to mobile operators and switched off "select automatically" and tried to connect to each of the available networks, and it says my SIM card will not allow me to connect to them. Does anyone have any other ideas? 

Screenshot_20220320-102649_Call settings.jpg

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I've just got back from New York from the UK and I've had the same problem with my S21 ultra. No service at all. Tried my sim in my wife's phone and it worked in that so it's something to do with the network operators that won't let me toggle to choose manually
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i'm having the exact same issue, in Mexico.

any progress on this on? my carrier has not been helpful

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Have you tried your husband sim in your phone? That will help you isolate if it's the phone or sim

My guess would be it is a provider issue, if they didn't turn on international roaming before you left home country, updating it whilst overseas is near impossible

I say that from experience in the past
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Someone else posted similar issue

From my experience its the carrier hasn't enabled roaming and when you're overseas it is near impossible to do as you can't connect to a network and even if you able to the sim update doesn't arrive

So make sure roaming is turned on before leaving home country

I am having the same issue in Mexico. I talked 4 times already with my carrier support team. They told me this morning that is a software issue with S22 devices. We may need to have Samsung sending an update...