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Cant turn on my wifi in my a10s

(Topic created on: 07-07-2020 07:26 PM)
First Poster
Galaxy A Series

Can someone help me... I seem cant turn on my wifi..when i click on it will just buffer for a second then turns off again..restarted my phone several times, restarted my modem too but still no avail..ty in advance

Superuser I
Superuser I
Galaxy A Series
Hey there Dro!

Sorry to hear about the issue you're having, sounds like there could be a couple things causing that.

My first suggestions gonna be trying to restart your phone in Safe Mode, which you can do by holding in the power button and then holding on the Power Off icon, which should then give you a Safe Mode option.

If this doesn't work, then try Reset Network Settings (by going to Settings>General Management>Reset). You'll need to repair any Bluetooth devices and connect to any Wi-Fi networks again.

If that doesn't work, you can try resetting all settings, but you might be better performing a Factory Reset. If you perform a Factory Reset, make sure you back up any files stored on your phone's internal storage, and if you've encrypted your SD card, go ahead and decrypt it before you reset your phone.

If a factory reset doesn't work, you'll need to have your phone serviced, which you can arrange through Live Chat or through a phone call to Samsung.

Hope this helps, and all the best,
Tom 🙂