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Soundbar HW-MM36/ZA Suddenly Quieter

(Topic created on: 18-11-2019 03:54 PM)
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I've had this soundbar for 8 months now with no issues. Most of the time the volume would be kept between 14 and 20 and that was an acceptable sound range. Anything above 20 got too loud. Kids would crank the soundbar to 30 and we'd constantly yell at them to turn it down. It is connected via D.IN, by the way. Now yesterday I turned it on and put it to 18 and couldn't really hear talking. It got better at 30 and very clear at 50. So, I know something isn't right, but don't understand what the problem is. Currently I have a movie playing and have it on 30 and had to turn DRC on to reduce loud sound as loud sounds and music still seemed to be normal, so putting it to 30 just to hear talking was making loud sounds/music still very loud. When there is talking during loud sound the talking is very clear. When it's just talking, it's just okay at 30 right now. Still, it shouldn't be at 30. TV sound settings haven't changed. I scrolled through all the options on the soundbar and I don't see that anything changed, but with children who knows what they could have done. I put my ears up to the soundbar and it seems to be producing sound just fine (no "blown speaker/s"). Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be?


Hey @pmg0877! Does it happen with any music file, film or channel you listen to? Also, try turning off the TV that you have connected to the soundbar for 20 seconds and then turn it back on again. What type of connection are you using to connect your TV to your soundbar?