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Laptop projection via wireless (sharing screen) and browser (missing plug-in)


Hello Samsung Support Staff


  • I will tell you my painful problem with the new TV  #model: UE55RU7452UXXH  #Software Version : 1335.


1- Laptop projection via wireless has a few issue 

a. every time I need to connect laptop I must delete the laptop from Device list (from the last time connection )via connection guide then reconnect


b. after sharing success the screen freeze after 3 to 15 min max and no way to it works again until I exit then do (a) step


Laptop HP envy 360x core i7 , Windows 10 home.



2- I bought the TV for a specific purpose ,use without HDMI cable ,so  when I turn any video it works good but after 1  to 3 min max video disappear with message (missing plug-in).



Curently I'm using android apps to connect wirelessly but it's not the best solution (because of forward and rewind functions are not supported ),

so how to solve this issue a new model TV in 2020?


is the new software 1351.3 give the guarantee to solve this issues ?

wating for your response,

Thank you


Hi @WasimPL 


We can not guarantee a fix for this issue by downloading the latest software version, but this would always be the first step in our troubleshooting process. After that, if you're still having the issue, we can run through some further checks.


Let us know how you get on.

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