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65" 2018 Q9FN brightness issues in dark scenes


I’ve put in movie mode & turned off most of the eco options then dimmed backlight in settings much better now 


had to fiddle for a while but worth it 

frustrating but overall brill picture 


its a screen with a wide wide range between dark & bright if one pulls back the brightness to much the dark detail starts to vanish ( worse case being black screen in dark scenes )


im suspecting the Netflix app is not helping its a little off -a tad dark 


its energy efficiant best get use to brightness when scene calls for it then they’ll be a nice balance 


still getting use to it myself 


Same problem.

When using chromecast it's even worse when using the Netflix app.



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Same Problem Here in NU7300. I turned off all of echo solution options but again I have the problem of dimming in dark scenes. 

I hope samsung will fix it with a software update.


I noticed that when I set the display to normal mode the dark scenes are way less dark then in movie mode, natural of dynamic. 

Scenes of Ozark are good enough now.

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I’ve had the same issue..any news on a possible update? So frustrating!

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