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Screen flickering with VRR on Samsung Q80C

(Topic created on: 30-03-2024 12:27 PM)

Hi! I'm a new user of the new Q80C Samsung TV. First few days TV was working fine, but then i started getting random HDMI blackouts when connected to PC. Resetting TV to factory defaults helped and the whole day i was enjoying the picture without any issues. However the next morning i noticed that the screen started flickering with VRR enabled. 

I'm sure i would notice that right away, but the weird thing is that for the whole day TV was working absolutely fine. So basically when the FPS changes the screen brightness flickering, it's especially noticeable on loading screens where FPS can jump. Turning off VRR (which of course is not an option) eliminates that flickering problem. My firmware version is 1402.5 now. Do you think it might be related to software problem or is it a hardware issue? How can i solve it? In the country where i purchased this product dealing with Samsung support is complicated, they will tell me to go to the service center and they will ask me to bring TV to them (which is again complicated since it's mounted on the wall). 

So I'm looking forward to solve this problem somehow myself if it's possible. I'm not sure why this didn't start from the beginning, and only appeared randomly overnight. But i hope there is a solution i can use to eliminate this problem and continue using VRR. Like i said - from the start VRR experience was absolutely stunning - no flickering, very stable image.