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Will the S95C QD-OLED TV be bright enough for my room?

(Topic created on: 05-09-2023 08:34 AM)

My living room is very bright as it has a south facing bay window so gets sunlight most of the day. I currently have the Samsnug Q9FN QLED and most of the time it's bright enough, however there's the odd occasion where the sun can make it a bit difficult to see, especially watching dark scenes in movies or playing COD on the PS4. This tends to be more at winter time when the sun is lower in the sky.


I've been tempted by the S95C especially as the max brightness is said to be 2000 nits, the same as my Q9FN, however when looking at Rtings the SDR real scene peak brightness of the S95C is 'only' 385 cd/m2 compared to 667 cd/m2 of my Q9FN, does this mean that on the while the S95C will be noticeably dimmer than my Q9FN?


Normally I have my backlight set to 25/50 for SDR, but do have it at 50/50 for HDR, and also there's the odd time I'll ramp up the brightness to 50 for SDR too if it's particularly bright. 


Any thoughts would be appreciated.