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Sync data from Strava to Health




Even though I entered my Strava login details in Samsung health app: Settings, Connected services, Strava.

No old nor new activity is added in Samsung Health.

Any idea how to fix it?



AndrewL Moderator
@piladong: Have you tried enabling WiFi or Mobile Data to allow the data to sync successfully from your Strava account? It may also be necessary to enable 'Sync' via the Quick Settings menu in order for the process to complete (swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom > Sync). It would also be worth logging in to your Strava Account via your browser to see if there are any sync settings available.
Yes wifi is on and sync is on.
In Samsung Health there is a green button saying that I am connected to the Strava account. But it does not sync.
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I've started to get the same problem since the beginning of August. Haven't got any problem in the past, but now I just cant sync from Strava to SHealth or from SHealth to Strava. 

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