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Sync data from Strava to Health




Even though I entered my Strava login details in Samsung health app: Settings, Connected services, Strava.

No old nor new activity is added in Samsung Health.

Any idea how to fix it?




Samedi as you from 29th of May


Curious Samsung activities sync with strava but not vica versa which now coincides with a big advertising push by strava to sell their subscribe enhancements, had emails recently from strava informing me that certain parts of strava which used to be free have now moved along with some new ones to the subscribe section, also am being offered 60 days free trial through out June, hmmm coincidence hmmm,

Samsung offer for free A better stats breakdown than free strava so I'm thinking that it is strava that is not syncing and not Samsung health, incidentally neither apps are very accurate compared to OS maps on distancie measurements which scews pace measurements, my decathlon watch is much more accurate but still a tad off 


I'm a paid Strava member. Most of my cycling data lives there. I go to Strava and other cycling apps to analyze my rides. I'm looking to have that data sync to Samsung Health for activity/calorie data as it impacts my weight goal.  While the sync has never been immediate, now it simply doesn't happen at all.


Hi there thanks for your input which is where my conspiracy theory falls to the ground ha ha, so it hopefully is a glitch,

my last sync was 28th may strava to Samsung health,

and June 8th Samsung health to strava, the longest delay in syncing in the past was about a day.


Just got a call from Joal at Samsung Health support. We are on our own....looks like Samsung is pointing at Strava and Strava has yet  to reply to my support ticket sent 6/1/2020. According to SH Support they cannot pull data from Strave, it has to be pushed....


Once again companies put together apps that we find useful only to unilaterally break them via lack of communication. Samsung pointing at Strava and Strava ignoring Samsung


For me that ends the usefulness of Samsung Health. All of my cycling activity is compiled in Strava -- SH can't parse that much data -- and that excercise is part of my overal SH data. Without exercise data, SH is useless to me


Yes pushing the data out makes sense, it may be due to strava changes intended or otherwise lets hope they come back to you


I also have a ticket with Strava support lodged on the 5th  June.  I received a response from them on the 10th saying 

"Sorry for the wait, and thanks for your patience. We're working hard to get to your request as soon as possible"

Hopefully something comes out of this. As has been pointed out when two parties are involved it is so easy to point to each other 


Well done please keep us appraised, just took two days for sh to send latest to strava, I can live with that 


i have the same annoying problem.  I have my zwift load to strava and then it used to come down to samsung health.  by enabling map my ride, it will then send to samsung health.... whats annoying though i wanted to get some data, and i had t download from zwift, as a .fit and then upload to komoot, and then back to map my ride,  then it went to samsung health!!!  mad


but i have noticed theres nothing coming from strava, so this work around has worked for me.  Also i have been using GEAR TRACKER from the active watch 2, as it sends up to strava, i can get gpx files and manually do stuff.  The soution i want from samsung in the meantime is letting up simply use GPX files and TCX, FIT  this will mean alot less hassle on waiting to sync, its 2020 every platform allows for this.


Hi Iamdarren, 


Thanks for your response, just a playback for your work around. 

1)  ZWIFT ----> STRAVA (as per usual) 

2) Enable Map My Ride.   

           Enable Myride as a APP  on Galaxy watch / or Samasung phone 

           What sends data to My ride & where does it come from? . Is it a automated ? connection from STRAVA to mapmyride ? 


Again, thanks for posting your work around 


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