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Sync data from Strava to Health




Even though I entered my Strava login details in Samsung health app: Settings, Connected services, Strava.

No old nor new activity is added in Samsung Health.

Any idea how to fix it?




Mine also started to sync again as of last week. They defnitly playing around with the API.


As one of the previous members posted, strava updated their API to only allow data to be pushed, not pulled (which explains why data was not being synced down from strava to s health). It is possible that they have made a change to this now. Maybe strava went back to allow data to be pulled via their API.

Just hope this intermittent buisness stops. We need consistency. i.e. if it is a workling feature, leave it, or at least email all your members and say "we are making a change that will affect xyz.


Well, lo and behold! Not only does Strava sync with SH as of last week, but it also syncs with Garmin Live Track again.  All after their 7/13 "bug fix" update to the Strava app on Android. Coincidence? You be the judge - LOL! 

mine works too lots of backdated data into s h

It's syncing from Strava to Samsung Health but not vice versa. Which shows that the connection is correctly established so it must be a software error.


I finally managed to get it to work, I was using Gmail to connect to Strava, I created a standalone account, logged out of Strava, logged back in and all my activies from Samsung Health is showing up under Strava now.



I have always used a strava account to login. 

As you may have seen from the topic trail. The data stopped flowing from strava to sh  late May.  As of around a week ago it started updating again.

I do notice now sometimes I have to disconnect  from S H and reconnect to obtain uodates


Fingers cross strava keeps the interface between them and S H stable


Thanks for posting

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