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Sync data from Strava to Health




Even though I entered my Strava login details in Samsung health app: Settings, Connected services, Strava.

No old nor new activity is added in Samsung Health.

Any idea how to fix it?




Hi there welcome to the mind maze of techno verses the people, Samsung H has resumed pushing to strava but not Visa versa so a one way deal, I've returned to the suspicion that strava are doing an apple, trying to dominate the market and force us to use their subscribe although that will still not get the data across to S H.

I now use my watch for distance, it's gps is the most accurate I've checked this against os map and my cycle spedo, I use s h to time my run then it all ends up on strava, I'm finding the s h data unreliable always under reporting distance and this is on two different Samsung phones, if strava make any more limitations to the free use I shall dump it and use the decathlon app and s h as separate entities, I am not an athlete I don't need all that extra info


I've just noticed Strava stopped syncing to S Health around the 15th May, I've recently got a GWA2 and have tried recording runs different ways and have settled to using Gear Tracker app as it seems the most accurate and now I just want my strava data to sync to S Health and can't believe it longer works! 


I want S Health to be my one place for all data but its crazy that after battling with getting my GWA2 to work finally, due to it not syncing the right distance to start off with, now I've got issues with data not syncing from Strava.


All this makes me kinda think I should just move it iOS at times as at least with Apple it just works! 


Thank you for the update. This explains why Strava workouts are not being synced down to S Health... I hope they can sort it out! Strava must just make an API call available for S Health to pull the data as it requires... This is sad news, it was all working so well! 


Thanks, Kevlar. At least you got a response from someone! I figured all along that the integration broke on Strava's side. They have really made a mess of things with these latest changes.


I guess it's not that big a deal to just start the activity on my GWA2 to have it recorded in SH although I'll probably forget most of the time and get the same weird multiple auto started "other activities" instead.


What I REALLY wish is that Strava would fix is Live Track with Garmin so I don't have to remember to send my route to the wife before each ride.


Once agan, the potential of tech to save work just ends up creating more. 


This all so painful. 

I am subscribing to Strava and one of the great functions of Strava was the pushing of activities to S H. 

Oh well, looks like I'll be stopping my paid subscription. I also have sent multiple requests weeks ago  to Strava explaining the issue. No response. Not the best way to treat your customers


They obviously don't want us to use s h, just strava or they would have sorted it, I no longer use it

Dateline July 11, 2020


Got a reply from Strava....


At this time, it is not currently possible to sync activities from Strava to Samsung Health. Activities will only sync from Samsung Health to Strava. 


Simply ridiculous as the functionality was there until May 28, 2020. Both companies should be ashamed at breaking an easy data transfer ...Strava especially as this was why I continued to subscribe


Next step I guess is to contact Samsung and request an import feature


Nightmare. I've now cancelled Strave subscription.  Just not seeing the value in it.  Just need to work another way of getting garmin cycle infor into S.H.


My Samsung Health is not synced with Strava. Any idea how I can get it synced?


Not sure why others are having problems as my Strava Is syncing to S Health since last week, all I did was go into S Health settings and connected services and followed the steps to sign in with Strava, make sure you use the browser to sign in and authenticate rather than Strava as that doesn't work currently (I believe GearTracker mentions this as well on their Facebook page), after I did that anything uploaded from Strava now appears in S Health and it's only for new data.


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