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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV

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Hi Madtuts,


I agree that your method works.  The method  is more or less the optical cable workaround but allows the soundbar to be controlled by the TV Remote which is indeed a benefit.


However, It doesn't address the real issue ,which  Samsung need to fix, of the lack of wireless connectivity to produce acceptable 5.1 over WiFI so that no cable is needed which is especially desirable if you have the soundbar wall mounted.  


I have had the HDMI(ARC) set up from the start but didn't think to select TV(ARC) to get decent levels of sound from the 5.1 rears.  I don't think it should be necessary to use the app when the facility is available on the TV already.  Whilst the 5.1 sound is available and the sound bar is controlled by the TV Smart remote, and the sound bar shows MultiChannel on Soundbar + 2 Speakers,  the level of sound seems slightly lower than that I have available using only the optical cable with the HDMI cable detached.  My experience is not as effective. Maybe my HDMI cable is not good enough but TV (ARC) is displayed.



Interestingly, I have never seen "Receiver" as an option on the Speakers list before, but that option to connect to "Receiver" appears initially when having turned off AnyNet+, I switch  the sound bar power off and on and then enable AnyNet+ . "Receiver" is then replaced by Samsung HW-K650, showing it has detected the sound bar.


@Robbienobs wrote:

Thanks. Can you confirm if you can use the tv control still to adjust the soundbar volume? 

You have to calibrate the sourround using Multiroom app. Once you've saved you will only need TV remote to adjust the whole system sound (Soundbar+R1).


However, the multiroom function where all devices pushes out same amount of sound when listening to music doesn't work.

Yes, the TV remote controls the audio now and the surround does work, but it does surround differently than it did with the optical. Also, selecting optical out on the TV, the soundbar will not work, because it is configured for ARC and you cannot choose D.In to be optical.

When using optical and playing on my Wii U (Zelda Breath of the Wild is GOAT, seriously) I would hear audio in my rear speakers that sounded convincing like it was surround (Wii U only outputs PCM). With ARC, I hear nothing on the rears now when playing and I cannot do anything to get it to work unless I turn ARC off and go back to optical, so that is a bummer.
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I got this response fromSamsung Support when I enquired about the Wi-FI prblem with the HW-K600.  Does anyone know what is the significance of the underlined phrase?  



"Please be informed that the R1 acts as a base if they are on 5.1 surround sound. Please try the following troubleshooting steps provided below on your R1 to solve the issue :


1. Reset the speakers, touch and hold the Volume (-,+) button at the same time for 5 seconds.


2. Adjust the volume of the R1, ensure that it is not in a low volume. 


3. Pair the R1 to the Multiroom app.


4. Set the R1 to the soundbar for surroundsound.


5. Play Versache on the Floor music or Jurassic Park movie to check the effects of the surround sound.


Please let us know the result after completing the troubleshooting steps. Should the same issue persists, don't hesitate to contact us so we can still assist you for further checking."


Needless to say, I have little confidence that the advice is of any value.


I see the issue! We are not playing Versache on the Floor!! That is the missing piece to this puzzle. I was trying Versace on the Floor. Silly me.

On a more serious note, that is good to know about the R1 reset, not that I have had any issues with mine.



The underlined phrase makes no sense to me. Will try anything to get this resolved. 


I am going to purchase a new hdmi tomorrow to ensure its hdmi 2 and test fully. I will also try the reset and turning up volumes etc. 


It will still have specs not operating as advertised but just want good surround now with volume control through TV control........ I am not sure if they will ever fully resolve this and be fully WiFi. 


Also just a quick question. When I use mine with the optical workaround, it doesn't turn off the sound bar with the surround speakers............ Does it put everything in standby when hdmi is connected as suggested? 


Thanks in advance for your help


Will report back. 



Also just a quick question. When I use mine with the optical workaround, it doesn't turn off the sound bar with the surround speakers............ Does it put everything in standby when hdmi is connected as suggested? 



Hi Rob,


The HDMI solution is working seamlessly with TV and sound bar. It turns everything on/off with one single click on the power button on the TV remote. Everything works like if you´d group them over WIFI, except that with HDMI it´s actually working as intentionally. 


NB! If you can´t hear the rear speakers, make sure input source is set to D.IN, ungroup and re-establish / go through the sourround setup in Multiroom app. Worked for me so far. 


Thanks Tovle, 


Really appreciate it. 

No, thank you

Honestly, I´m not a forum-kinda-guy, but I saw all the effort and energy you put into this and I decided to register and try to contribute - just because of you. Sounds strange that I´m telling you to do the basics like group them when in D.IN mode but it´s the only way I got it working. If you wanna test the surround on Netflix, Dare Devil is good for that - especially open scene on episode 2, season one (When the character is laying in the container)

Thanks Tovle, 


Appreciate your kind words. I am also not one for forum input but I habe never been one to go down quietly. There have been a few people on here for while fighting with me, and the optical workaround they came up with was a great stop gap, letting us use the surround sound until samsung got their finger out.


I am open to all guidance no matter how simple the instructions. I think being in here for so long and facing issue after issue, it became a bit of a wood for trees kind of scenario with a certain expectation for the firmware to fail, and a reluctance to go "fiddling" with settings and leads yet again to get it working.


Fresh minds is exactly what this needed and the timing was just right, given the last update and recent input from newbies. It's just a shame samsung are not giving some specific set up directions at the moment, instead of leaving customers to take the lead again; but I am continuing to push for this at head office on principle more than anything. 


It's amazing after all this time of asking Samsung head office emailed me this afternoon offering an engineer to visit my house and investigate my set up! ....... Talk about locking the gate after the horse has gone......I will get a new hdmi ASAP and test but I see no reason why it won't work given others have succeeded. 


It appears all that's left to resolve is that the surround sound U groups when switching between music and TV sources, and the full wifi solution (the latter won't happen in my lifetime), but I can put up with this now I will be able to use one control and everything operating in synergy as it should. :smileyhappy:



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