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Gear s3 won't automatically reconnect to bluetooth when back in range.

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Hello wonder if you can help.


I have just purchased a Gear s3 and I have it paired and connected to my iPhone 6. The watch works perfect until I become out of Bluetooth range and thus my watch will lose connection, which is as expected. The problem comes when I’m back in Bluetooth range i.e. back with my phone the gear s3 will not automatically reconnect like other devices I have left it 30mins plus and it still won’t automatically reconnect. I have to manually keep turning Bluetooth on and off on both the watch and phone and then clicking on both the Bluetooth connections on my phone (Gear S3(DC10) & Gear S3(DC10) LE) to try and get it to reconnect eventually after going through this process multiple times it will finally connect again. Any help will be appreciated as I can’t keep doing this every time I’m away from my phone. Thanks In advance.

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Do this :
Close Bluetooth
Application manager
Select Bluetooth app
Force stop it
Clear cache
Switch on Bluetooth
Thank you MSQ! Finally a solution to a nagging problem. S8+ and GS3 Frontier are now on speaking terms again.



Whatever the software team did seems to have resolved the issue after the latest updates (of Samsung Gear on Android OS I believe). My watch connects to my phone automatically all the time now via Bluetooth.


We're glad you're all sorted now. :robothappy:


What software version do you have.  I have an ATT S3 with Tizen and I still have this problem.  Yesterday I had to do factory reset 3 times to get it to connect to bluetooth on the phone.  On reconnect, it would leave the LT in place and connect to headphone.  Of course that did not work.  


Do I have  a different problem?

The watch started to reconnect to S7 automatically about 1 month ago. Not sure why. Don't think it was related to Gear 3 update. Also, just changed to S8 and watch connects every time. All very mysterious..

Still the same with the latest updates, Gear S3 fully reset also after firmware and app updates.


I've been doing some tests for the last month and at least for now the problem is gone; every time I get near the phone (oneplus 5) it will connect in 2 minutes. I really don't know if it's TASKER or Samsung work it out, and francly I'm not going to turn TASKER off. For me, nor connecting it's enough to sell the S3

Same for me. STill have the S7 but it's been working for about a month

Same here with Fronier and Note-8

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