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Gear fit 2 strap broken

(Topic created on: 02/10/18 19:27)

Hi all, the strap on my gear fit 2 has broken and I bought a copy as replacement as I couldn't find a genuine Samsung strap. The copy strap keeps popping off the watch face so I don't trust it to keep my watch on my wrist.


I contacted Samsung today and they said that the strap isn't covered under the warranty but I can buy a new strap. However, when I was transferred to sales they said they don't have official replacement straps but they have some resellers that offer straps. She gave me 3 companies - formysamsung, e spares and partmaster. I've checked all of these online and none of them sell straps either.


So I now have a fitness band that I can't wear! Has anybody else had this issue? I can't believe Samsung don't sell replacement straps, just shows that they're only interested in selling new things and not interested in providing after care...