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Gear fit 2 strap broken


Hi all, the strap on my gear fit 2 has broken and I bought a copy as replacement as I couldn't find a genuine Samsung strap. The copy strap keeps popping off the watch face so I don't trust it to keep my watch on my wrist.


I contacted Samsung today and they said that the strap isn't covered under the warranty but I can buy a new strap. However, when I was transferred to sales they said they don't have official replacement straps but they have some resellers that offer straps. She gave me 3 companies - formysamsung, e spares and partmaster. I've checked all of these online and none of them sell straps either.


So I now have a fitness band that I can't wear! Has anybody else had this issue? I can't believe Samsung don't sell replacement straps, just shows that they're only interested in selling new things and not interested in providing after care...


My third Gear Fit 2 Pro watch looks like yours, so I just ordered a new, non brand name replacement band. My Gear Fit 2, which I bought as soon as it came out, the bands broke where the metal piece was still attached to the watch. My mistake, I should've looked at how they're supposed to be attached , but I was in a hurry to get to work and didn't want to leave my watch. I glued the band back on, but effectively super glued the metal piece into place , which I now know is how the band is supposed to detach from the watch. Whoops! I bought the rugged silicone band, but with the connector pieces still attached, it band looks warped.


My second Fit 2 watch (but first Fit 2 Pro watch), my mother in law got for my birthday. She felt sorry for my beat up, glued together watch. I immediately ordered a replacement band with a traditional clasp, since it easily fell off when my wrist brushed my thigh. This version didn't have the traditional clasp, and it was made where you push the little piece into a hole. Bad design. I went to the store and when I got home, the watch wasn't on my wrist. I was never able to find it, so someone scored on a brand new fitness watch. I received the band I ordered the next day and bitterly returned it right away.


I decided to get a cheap knock off fitness watch and wait for the next Fit watch to come out . Instead of an improved Fit watch, they released the cheapo Galaxy Fit that isn't worth the $80-$100 they sell it for. Samsung sold me on the original Fit line, and it's exactly what I want - a fitness watch with a few smart features. Now all they offer is a full blown smart watch or a dumbed down fitness watch. I feel as though they alienated those who were drawn to the original Fit line to begin with. I bought a used Fit 2 Pro, have had it for a month, and the Samsung band once again broke with the metal piece still attached to the watch. I'm done. 


From the never ending, pain in the ***** curved phone screens, the fragile glass backs, and getting further away from what their customers desire, this will be my last Samsung watch and likely my last Galaxy Note phone . I still have a Note 8 because I'm still trying to decide who will get my business next. It'll likely be a mfg who understands that some customers still use the 3.5 mm jack (like when I accidently leave my Bluetooth ear buds at home, or want to use my high quality, studio headphones, or to use my still functioning Square credit card reader. I don't want to buy a new card reader, where I have to stop charging my phone to use it, because Samsung has decided for me what I no longer want or need the 3.5 mm jack). LG has a phone with a stylus, but I'm waiting for the next generation of it. I've had only Samsung phones for over a decade. Sadly, they've all but pushed me out the door. 

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I had the same happen & I said to them that it's a very expensive piece of kit, ( which I luved) to not be able to replace strap!


My straps have done the same thing I had contacted the warranty dept and wanted nothingn to do with the straps so I had  ordered the new straps of Amazon and they also broke but this time it cracked the face of the watch and warranty wanted nothing to do with it again I question what does warrnaty cover and could not even get a straight answer 


For me as well, my strap for samsung gear fit 2 pro is broken and orignal strap is not available any where.

Request you to please help.


I would suggest all users who want to purchase the samsung producs, make sure there is after sales services are available or not for their products.

It may be possible that tomorrow you purchase any samsung product and suddnely it stopped working, just imagine  you brought that product at higher prices  and after some issue you realise that there is no after sales service is available from samsung and you wasted your money spend on that product.


same is with me as well with same strap 

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