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New Samsung Watch - How can I keep my run on screen during a run

(Topic created on: 02-10-2018 10:04 PM)
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I Got the new Samsung watch around 10 days ago and i'm afraid to say I'm particularly disappointed so far.

I see a number of issues that I have are already created on the forum.


Mainly - Battery life is closer to 1.5 days rather than 7

Samsung Health sync to strava is inaccurate - Although I have see a possible fix which I will try on my next run.

Tried the golf app last week and watch kept losing GPS on holes although a different app on my mobile fine was fine.


but I do have one issue I would like to know if anyone can help with before I give up and return the watch.


So - When I am running I like to look at my watch to see my stats - e.g. how far have I run - my pace etc.

The issue I have is a few seconds after starting my run the watch goes back to a normal watch face telling me the time.

I'm really not interested in the time whilst out running and the running stats are much more inportant.

It appears that you can lift you arm and put the watch in your face to get stats on screen but this is displayed for 1 second at most.


So as well as being annoying and slowing me down whilst running I am waiting for the time I run headfirst into a lampost as I am trying to focus on my watch rather than simply being able to have a quick glance down to my watch.


Does anyone know of a fix that keep your running stats on screen whilst running.


Many Thanks



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This has been my biggest frustration in the 6 weeks I have had my S3.

When I am running I want the running information the whole time. Not the time!

Does anyone, IN PARTICULAR SAMSUNG, have a solution to this?

I wish there was a answer here. This is exactly what I need to know. I learned keeping the stats up is what helps keep the date, like HR, accurate.