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Active 2 not charging


I have just purchased  the samsung galaxy active 2 watch I had it for 6 weeks it's now not charging. I have restarted the watch but it's still not working has any one any ideas what the problem is

same problem after a month

I got the same problem as well. Did the 15min thing. Nothing. How do I fix this? Currently stuck in Russia due to the virus... barely 6 weeks since i got it...

😡 I'm the same mine only happened this morning iv nearly all samsung watches ,im raging I bought this ,cause of charger been so sensitive and also I think it was a scam to buy it saying ecg works ,Samsung 3 brought out now so I'd say samsung active 2 will be forgotten about ,im so mad all these complaints about chargers and nothing done about it ,well a replacement for how long will they work? I'd like to know if you send charger back Do you have to pay for packaging and shipping
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Same problem with my 2 month old watch being charged with all the original samsung charging infrastructure. Looking at the number of complaints, it just seems like one more of those Samsung products launched without testing. In my case, i bought it in korea and recently left Korea forever. So i am not even sure the warranty will work. Probably time to throw the crappy product in the bin

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