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Active 2 not charging


I have just purchased  the samsung galaxy active 2 watch I had it for 6 weeks it's now not charging. I have restarted the watch but it's still not working has any one any ideas what the problem is

@Lennie: Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Galaxy Watch Active 2. Are you using the charging dock and USB cable that came with the watch? If so, please place it on charge and leave it for at least 15 minutes, then press any of the buttons on the side of the watch. Does a battery indicator appear on screen?

I am having the same issue. I got the watch for christmas and never had a problem charging it until last night. I have plugged it into the wall and into my power surge with a samsung charging block  and the original samsung charging cable dock. The watch works, but I'm only at 1% battery and it's been on the dock since 11:30pm last night, and it is now 6:43am with still 1% battery left. 

I have had my Samsung Active 2 Watch for less than 2 months & it has now stopped charging for the second time!

The 1st time was after only 3 weeks & it was the dock that was the problem, which was replaced for me by the Store of purchase (after waiting for 10 days & being left with a completely flat watch!).  Now, again after only 3 weeks of use, the new dock has stopped working too.


Clearly the docks are no good, from the numerous other complaints online about the same issue.

I do not have a S10 phone therefore there is no other way of charging my watch & I'm not going back to the store every 3 weeks or so for a new dock & have an unusable watch for days in between.


What solution, or alternative (non-faulty!) dock is there?

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Same problem here!!

I took Minety the Samsung shop it turned out to be the charger at fault so they replaced it. Mine was only 6 weeks old so still under warranty 

Hi Lennie,


Has this issue now been resolved for you?

Yes Samsung issued me with a new charger under warranty

Thats great to hear.


I shall feedback your experience to the servce team so to try and make improvments in the support network.


Many thanks

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Yes... Same problem. I have had mine less than a week and it no longer charges...


More frustrating because I can't even test if charger doesn't work because everything is closed due to the pandemic.


Very unhappy customer.

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