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why no Dolby Atmos on samsung Netflix App???


i have Q9FN and HW N850 Atmos Soundbar


when using Netflix App on the TV, i went into Expert Audio Settings and it lets me select "dolby digital +" for audio ouput


the hw n850 sounbar supports Atmos


yet when on netlfix still only get crappy 5.1 sound


ive owned a sony xf9005 recently and their netflix app gives Dolby Atmos sound using "dolby digital +" , yes it is "lossy" dolby atmos but still sounds much better than DD 5.1


so my question is why are Samsung not updating their Netflix App to have Dolby Atmos. i have what is required here, dolby digital + selected on q9fn and atmos capable hw n850 soundbar. this is all thats required for "lossy Dolby Atmos" same as you get on 2018 sony & LG tv's


come on samsung, please sort this out by updating to a atmos capable Netflix APP version. its all thats needed


its bad enough having no DTS after spending £2000 on your tv & sounbar, the very least you can do to keep customers a little bit happier is Fix this one






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I accually perfer 60fps gaming as at 120fps your sacrificing speed for graphics

mines a nu8000 so hdmi 4 is my arc back to the amp. hdmi 1 auto switches into game mode and I only have 2 modes not allowed 120hz at 4k and dolby vision the rest is fine and games still look just as good with 60hz 4k and hdr for now. like I said I may purchase the sony x90h or a Samsung q90t when the price drops for either black Friday or possibly January sales as they will n
be looking to clear the stock ready for 2021 models





 Devil may cry i do see high frame rate is greyed out and off, but can select 120hz mode on tv. 120fps is not a big deal, 60fps is still better than last gen, 120fps makes to many graph sacrifices and not worth it. I got the XSX for better graphics, not downgraded graphics and 60fps is the sweet spot. Did you upgrade your tv to 1372.2 is the new update, give 120hz and freesync working. Yet getting mixed up with 120fps and 120hz as people are using them and assuming 120hz us 120fps and often use them as the same thing, but not, but our tvs do 120hz refresh rate. Before the update did not do 120hz with freesync, now it does. Your tv should not be greyed out at 120hz, try updating firmware

Thanks for the info btw 


Also do you think the Q70 has this update as the Q70 can technically handle the same settings as it’s the same tv panel?


so is there an update for the qQ70R that sorts out this setting?




Don't know if its for the q70, as its near bottom of the range, but check firmware update. The Q90R has given up freesync at 120hz  before the update had to turn off freesync else would screw things up. Since the update freesync at 120hz now and clearer game mode, picture seems slightly better


Netflix on broadcast in 5.1 atmos, not good atmos. I have some atmos 5k bluray disks and much better than atmos on Netflix. Nothing you can do about Netflix because 5.1 is all they do.


A bit of mantinance advise get a cover for your tv. 1 keeps the screen clean so prevents dust 2 not good having the sun shine directly on your screen, and its even more important if you have OLED to keep the sun off 


Yeah, first game that runs in 120fps, or 60fps in 6k, had it running in 120fps and as far as colour goes no difference between 4k 60hz or running in 4k 120fps. If you flick between 4k and 6k mode you see a slight difference  Ori is a beautiful game. Who said we are not getting 120fps on the Q90R? And can easily rapidly switch and see no colour drop off with 120fps, colours are still bright and so wonderful. The game even said detected 120fps and defaulted to 120fps



This thread is titled why no Dolby Atmos on samsung Netflix App??? lets stick to that so we can keep the pressure on samsung about this issue.


Glad you got 120fps working like that though 👍


You won't get eArc as its only a 2.0b port. Need hdmi 2.1 for atmos lossless sound

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