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Unauthorized bluetooth device spam connecting to my TV and disrupts the remote from working! Please help!

(Topic created on: a month ago)
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I have a Samsung QN85C and as of  tonight I have some JBL headphone device we do not own connecting to my TV.  The only way I can regain control on my standard remote that came with the TV is to plug it into a USB charger and I will have control for about 5 seconds and then the unauthorized JBL thing will connect and I won't be able to navigate any longer.  Plugging it in and out gives me enough time to get to the bluetooth screen where I see the device and I disconnect it but it comes right back.  

I did not authorize this product to connect nor should it be behaving the way it is anyways.  What's going on?  Seems like a significant security flaw.  I do not have any JBL products in my house what so ever so I know it's not us.  The only thing I have connected to the TV is a Sonos set up.

Can someone please give me some guidance?  It doesn't seem like there are any settings available to permanently deny the bluetooth device trying to connect.  I don't even know how it connected in the first place because I wasn't in pairing mode.

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Can you confirm it has actually "connected" or just "connecting" message?

Likelihood is that a neighbour is trying to pair his speakers to his TV which happens to be a Samsung too and accidentally clicked connect to your TV, hence the pop up, if you don't hit "pair" or "allow" , it can't connect

If you saying it "connected" someone had to of allowed it by accident

If I remember right in settings menu, there is a network of connected device screen, find it and disconnect device