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TV Remote code for Virgin Media TiVoremote

(Topic created on: 15-09-2020 03:25 PM)
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Hi, I am wanting to use a Virgin Media remote on a Samsung LE32D403E2WXXU version 04 TV using TMSU4DEUC-1011.0 Software.

If it helps, the Samsung remote is AA59-00496A. I have tried using Virgin Media remote set up for TV but it is not working correctly on all dual controllable functions when codes are entered. I have tried scanning for the code automatically and also clicking through Samsung and VM code list to no avail. It would help greatly if you can reduce the list of codes given my Samsung TV info so I can find which code gives the fullest affect of TV and TiVo control. The VM remote controller works a TiVo DVR FC96, Platform 8620, Hardware v 8.1, Software v 20.9.2.RC5-VMC-2-C00

At the moment the control of the TV is workable except for switching on and off in conjunction with the TiVo box and sound being controlled in a continuous fashion. The volume control is discrete requiring constant re-pressing.

Any help would be gratefully accepted. Regards to all.