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How do I force TV to HDMI1 only?

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I have a Samsung TV Model - LH75BETHLGFXG0 which is connected in a classroom with a scaler with a PC input.  When I manually Select Source on the remote and choose HDMI1 it works and shows the PC.  (The TV does say source unknown).

The above fix (Pressing Source to HDMI1) does work.


However if the TV gets turned off it will bring up the menu and tell me to choose a source.  So if a non technical person uses the room they are unable to turn the tv's on because they dont know what to press.


How can I force it to HDMI1 all the time and nothing else?


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I found a way to get into the Service Menu, however I dont see anything for Power on Source?

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usually it will auto detect the device you input or collect too, if not then there other way like turn on the device that you connect to the tv on first before the tv turn on then it will usually ask connect this device or hdmi , just click yes
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