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TV overheating in bottom left corner with light bleeding

(Topic created on: 12-09-2023 06:33 PM)

Hi everyone,

Couple of days ago I notice a slight light bleeding in the bottom left corner of TV with a growing glowing from the bottom upwards (UE75AU9000KXXU). TV has only 1 year and 10 months of use and has never been over used. When I approached to touch the screen it burned my hand as it was extremely hot! I could see the LCD (I think) coming back to its normal pattern after my hand cooled down the spot I touched. We turned the TV off immediately and search for help. There was a clear fire hazard and after googling it I could see many other complaints just like mine with both new and semi used TVs, a clearly factory defect.

Also noticed that if we are watching to a high resolution video (like netflix in 4k), it gets REALLY hot very fast. If only seeing "light" content (lower resolution videos) it just warms up a little.

So, I have been trying to sort it with Samsung but they seemed to not care at all for customers and only said me to go after paying for a repair.

I wanted to see who would be liable if we didn't spot in time and a fire happened. Samsung is overlooking a very serious problem and I feel very bad for being a customer with so many appliances from them and being treated this way.

Have anyone else had this issue? Now, would I be able to repair that? Would Samsung review it's decision of negligence and repairing/collecting the TV?

Asking for help here as I feel out of resources to sort it!

Many thanks in advance,






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I am going through the exact same issue with my 75 inch AU8000 that is about 1 year and 5 months old. I had a few bright lines of light shoot up from several different spots on the bottom that got VERY hot to the touch and when they went away about 1/4th of the screen starting on the right side became very dark. My options are spend $$ on a repair or probably less $$ just simply buying a new set from Samsung. The TV this one replaced is still in my basement and has lasted 10+ years. Frankly I'm worried to buy another Samsung TV with this life expectancy. 

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I also faced the same issue with my TV AU8000. Service person told that the bottom LED gets heat up if we use the TV more than 2.5 hours (I was shocked to hear this for the first time). I have been asked to replace the complete panel cost around (20K in INR). This looks like a serious design problem while Samsung going with its slim versions. 

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Same issue. I unplugged it because it felt hot enough to start a fire. It had out repaired for a similar issue in warranty and now that my warranty is out they will not cover it. They said they would give me a discount on a new one, but if Samsung is not going to cover a clear, dangerous manufacturer mistake I will use a different brand.


US you can report here

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I've come here as my 75" has just gone dark screen and on going near It you can feel the heat in the bottom left corner (too hot to touch). First result on google was here.  How do I go about dealing with this on a TV I bought just over 2 years ago direct from Samsung @Sam_UK ?